The client is a top-tier provider of IT services, providing versatile programming and IT solutions in Bangalore. The client’s business is centered on bringing top-notch technical support and applications to the table for their clientele. They offer cutting-edge unmatched results and superior customer experiences.

Client Requirement & Case Challenges:
  • The client was seeking some of the Best VAPT service provider companies in 2023 to help them with Web application VAPT and network audit.
  • Some security threats were found in the system.
  • It was crucial to evaluate their systems and identify the vulnerabilities and threats involved.
  • Apart from this, the client wanted to stay in tune with the latest laws which require companies to conduct VAPT at regular intervals.
Risk And Vulnerabilities Found
  • Vulnerable and outdated components devices.
  • Misconfiguration in the server network.
  • Loopholes in the codebase.
  • SQL injection.
How ECS Provided Solution?
  • Entrie Code Vulnerability assessment was done to investigate any potential loopholes or errors, ECS professionals laid a plan to identify vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and potential entry points that may lead to any cyberattacks in the coming future.
  • We are continuously directing our clients on the feedback received during the assessments.
  • We performed a VAPT and audit abiding by the latest industry standards, laws, and protocols.
  • ECS followed alist and also curated a checklist tailored to the client’s requirements containing guidelines of OWASP’s top 10 checklist, OSCP, PTF(Penetration testing framework), PCI DSS(Payment card Industry data security standard)..
  • Documentation and reporting at regular intervals helped the client to patch all the threats and vulnerabilities and also stay in line with the work on how VAPT is done.
  • We made sure all the client’s data is safe and sound owing to high integrity to the client.
  • The team kept up with all the deadlines concerning the highly comprehensive network and IT infrastructure of our client.
  • Our team ensured to keep the client updated with all the reports and progress.
  • ECS also helped in deepening the protection level of the system.
  • The team helped in detecting and upgrading their website with the latest practices and security mechanisms.
  • The client was always in touch with the technical professionals on the team and was contended with 24-hour support.
  • ECS experts prepared a customized report on what needs to be done in the future to mitigate and prevent any possible threats to their systems.

Our team not only helped in detecting and eliminating all the vulnerabilities in the applications but also made a detailed plan for future audits and actions. We made sure that the codebase is threat-free and free of any loopholes that can trigger serious cyber threats hereafter.

At ECS, we have never left any stone untapped in our efforts to defend our customers from cyber hazards and vulnerabilities. As one of the biggest suppliers of VAPT in India, we are proud to have helped many businesses in implementing cutting-edge security strategies.



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