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Seema Mandora

Seema Mandora – Director

Mrs. Seema Mandora, Director of ECS Group, is a well accomplished personality in the women’s entrepreneur fraternity. She being an inseparable element of the Group’s success story makes her one of the most admirable figure in the business community. In the entire tenure, she had played various challenging role handling different divisions of the company. With her eye of detailing and focused approach, she had deep dived in minutest facts and had come up with best solutions.

• For over four years, she managed to stay on as the sole architect of the project of establishing the first ever call center of BSNL by single handed by managing the entire team through her analytical skills and later handled SAHAJ for BSNL.

• Today, as a Director, she is looking after various new projects of ECS Corporation, be it retail, refurbish or e-waste management. Eco-Friendly Computech Solutions (ECS) is an innovative company looking forward for the new change in IT industry, with various offerings in the technology industry. The company has a deep concern for the environment and it plays an important role to preserve the nature through 4R philosophy of Reuse, Refurbish, Recover & Recycle. She now furthers her aim towards the expansion of ECS in different corners of the country. With over than ten years of experience in IT as well as Retail, she is aspiring towards further challenging ventures.

Though, Mrs. Seema Mandora has accomplished her dream time and again, but her vision seems to be pushing the horizon. And with her dedication, sincerity and optimistic attitude she is sure to scale the pinnacle of entrepreneurship.

Awards & Accolades won by Mrs. Seema Mandora
• “Mother Teresa Excellence Award” by ICSEP in December 2013
• “Leading Women Entrepreneur in SME” at the Women Leaders in India Award 2013
• “Indira Gandhi Seva Shree Puraskar” organized by All India Economy Survey Award Council 2012