Data is the most important part for all companies, and now it is one of the top minerals in the informational era. Companies are spending millions on purchasing data centers for storing data of their business and consumers. Therefore, the data servers market globally is growing continuously. But why you should need to know about data centers and what is the importance of it. Let’s take a look for different reasons. Firstly, we will get a quick review of the data center.

What is Data Center?

A data center is an essential building or warehouse that provides enormous space, power, and cooling for network infrastructure. Simply, it’s a place where companies store large computers with network connectivity. Many data is stored for multiple purpose operations in these computers. For example, you might have heard about Amazon Web Services, right? They provide hosting services and entire data centers to their clients. Let’s look at the following image how a data center looks like.

data center ware house
What are Data Center Tiers?

The data center tiers are a concept that helps to describe a particular data center infrastructure in its true meaning. This helps companies organize a ranking system and classification marks of the data center. Generally, there are four types of data center tiers, and each of them has its own role. The tier of each data center is categorized based on the following points.

  • Redundancy of components
  • Service cost
  • Uptime guarantees

To understand each of the data center classifications, keep on reading.

Classifications of Data Center Tiers

How is a data center classified into a particular tier? This is the first question that we thought about the classification of Datacenter tiers. 

Well, each data center is put into a particular category depending on several criteria. So, what are those criteria? You can say important points that put a data center into a particular tier, including:

  • Availability of services and their uptime guarantee
  • Level of redundancy of components used in data centers
  • State of cooling infrastructure
  • Service cost
  • Operational sustainability to maintain servers and ability to meet long-term needs of servers
  • The security level of the data centers 

Based on the above points, a data center is classified into a specific tier. It is easy to find top Tier 4 data center in India. Moving further, we’ll discuss the ratings of each tier of the data center.

Data Center Tier
Explanation of Data Center Ratings

Tier 1 Data Center

The tier 1 datacenters have a single path to gain power and cooling. There might be backup components or not be. The uptime of these data centers is equal to 99.67%.

Tier 2 Data Center

The tier 2 data centers also have a single power and cooling connectivity source. Some of the redundant and backup components are kept in these data centers. The expected uptime of these data centers is 99.74 percent. 

Tier 3 Data Center

The tier 3 data centers have multiple paths of power and cooling. The system’s connectivity can update or maintain without taking servers offline. The expected uptime of tier data centers is around 99.98 percent. 

Tier 4 Data Center

The tier 4 data centers are completely built with a fault tolerance system to update and maintain the redundancy of every component of servers. The expected uptime of tier 4 data centers is around 99.99 percent. (Around 26-36 minutes downtime annually) There are some other reasons to choose tier 4 data centers as well.

Choose the Right Tier Data Center to Avoid Downtime Issues and Unnecessary Overpaying

Choosing the right tier data center depends on one’s requirements. If you are a start-up company and don’t have the requirement of large servers, then opting for a tier 1 or 2 data center could be the right choice for saving operational costs. 

But, if you are an enterprise-level company and want to manage large datasets with servers with a compulsion of backup facilities, then choosing the tier 4 data center becomes the best choice. Want to know about the importance of a Tier 4 data center? Check our blog on the significance of the tier 4 data center

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