Audio / Video Forensics

Audio/ Video Forensics
Audio / Video Forensics

Unlike other forms of forensic evidence, audio and video recordings can provide a real-time, eyewitness account of a crime so investigators can watch or hear what transpired. For instance, a surveillance video captures a bank robbery in progress, or a hidden camera records an undercover sting operation. Over the past decade, sources of recorded audio and video that can assist in an investigation have increased exponentially. Closed-circuit television systems (CCTV) and video and audio recorders can be found in businesses, at traffic intersections, parking lots, bank machines, on police-vehicle dashboards and of course, in cell phones

Services in this vertical are as under
  • Stills from the video.
  • Video Enhancement / Speed adjustment.
  • Audio & Video enhancement.
  • Speed adjustment & noise removal.
  • Audio Video Authentication for signs of editing/tampering.
  • Audio Transcription (printed & /or Subtitled Video).
  • Audio & Video Analysis.
  • Damaged Audio & Video Cassette Tape Restoration.
  • Damaged tape repair (Audio / Video).
  • Improvement of Audio Intelligibility.
  • Improvement of Still Image Evidence.
Audio/Video Forensics
Speech Technology

Speech Technology Center is the leading developer of voice and multimodal biometric systems, as well as solutions for audio and video recording, processing, and analysis. With one of the largest R&D teams in the industry and more than 25 years of experience, Speech Technology Center is well known for solutions implemented by some of the largest international companies in banking, security, telecom, and public sectors.

Audio- Video Forensics
Audio Forensics

World-famous audio forensic products and solutions from the technological leader of the industry

Face Recognizance
Facial Recognition Solutions

State-of-the-art technologies for real-time recognition and identification of individuals based on their facial features

Audio- Video Forensics
Voice Biometrics

Speech Technology Center introduces its brand new technologies for compact and large scale biometric solutions

Audio- Video Forensics
Audio Forensic Tools:

IKAR Lab is a professional hardware and software solution for advanced speech signal analysis. It provides the capabilities to perform a multitude of valuable audio processing, analysis, audio restoration, and voice comparison functions. IKAR Lab makes it possible to perform an in-depth analysis of voice and speech by numerous visualization tools, automated and human-assisted comparison instruments.

Key Features:
  • Visualization
  • Processing
  • Text Transcription And Speech Segmentation
  • Multi-window Interface
  • Signal Comparison
  • Working With Projects
  • Detecting Speech And Noises
  • Signal Analysis
  • Speaker Marking
Video Forensic Tools: Kinesense
Video Forensics Tools
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  • Strong OEM Partnership
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  • Experienced technical team for support
  • Proactive monitoring and alerts
  • The most competitive pricing
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