China is now planning against India on two parts simultaneously. One is the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and the other is India’s Cyberspace. Even a Singapore-based cyber-security research firm, Cyfirma recently confirmed that hacking groups working closely with the Chinese government.

A massive cyber-attack hit the Australian Government and businesses during Mid-June which also reported the Chinese hacking group is suspected. Also believed that China is behind cyber-attacks on Australian institutions, including hospitals and state-owned utilities.

Key Highlights
  • After the violent face-off at Galwan valley more than 40,300 attempts to have been made by Chinese Hackers to attack Cyber Space in India.
  • Cybercriminals send phishing emails in the form of an important Covid-19 update or under the garb of false cure and medications like “”
  • As per a recent PwC report, at least a half dozen fake versions of the ‘PM CARES’ site have emerged to target Indians.
  • According to a Niti Aayog report, phishing and social engineering attacks form 57% of all followed by malware attacks at 41%, spear-phishing at 30%, DoS at 20% and ransomware at 19%.
  • The nature of Chinese attacks is also getting sophisticated. They are now trying to exfiltrate data from servers that pose national security risks.
  • Banks and financial organisations are among the most vulnerable to attacks.
  • Government agencies, media houses, and large companies in India may potentially be the target of a cyberattack by hacking groups with links to China, according to reports
Be aware of Potential cyberattacks: How to protect yourself?
  • The impacted organisations should monitor and block these IP addresses and hashes immediately.
  • Indian government officials as well as private Internet users should especially guard against phishing, where attempt is made to obtain confidential information such as passwords or pass-codes by sending a fraudulent email or text message, they added.
  • They stated, there could be phishing attempts by impersonating, online, government agencies, departments and trade associations overseeing the disbursement of government fiscal aid.
  • Officials of Maharashtra Cyber stated Internet users should be watchful for such attacks including phishing attempts and conduct cyber security audits of their IT systems.
Cyber Threat

In Amid of Pandemic, Coronavirus related frauds increased by 400% in March, 2020.  Even cyber threat intelligence firm Research says that Cyberattacks from China are up 200 % in June than in May. No doubt that malicious cyber activity is increasing in frequency, scale, in sophistication and in its impact.

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