Company Overview:

Client is an independent clinical research organisation that creates in-depth scientific know-how, technical edge and better foresight for clinical trials and facilitate better patient treatments. With years of experience, the organisation has become one of the most desired partners to the pharmaceutical fraternity globally for creating their clinical studies. Client is recognised as one of the best clinical research companies globally and follow a stringent quality check to assure no statistical errors in final results. With subject matter experts on-board, they are pioneers in offering specialty services like Central Bioanalytical Laboratory services, Biopharmaceutics Services, Quality Assurance services and Project Management Services. With a unique blend of experience and expertise in exploring western world’s research client offers a whole spectrum of Biosimilars and Biologicals in clinical development.

Challenges: Requirement of the client

The type of business demanded that all the documents, reports and research be sent and received with the highest security standards. Email is the most common IT security threat for organizations. Whether it’s malware, phishing, URL-based threats, impostor-driven schemes or any such compromise, emails have become the primary method of intrusion into the organisation by delivering harmful programs as attachments or links in an email. Client wanted to avoid email spamming, malware protection, anti-phishing feature and data loss prevention.

All the emails sent to and from the organisation as well as within the organisation needed to be highly secure.
Any harmful email that slips through the defences can cause a lot of damage.
Spammy links in emails could pose a threat to the confidential data of the organisation.
Email security solutions were hence imperative for the organisation.

How did ECS provide a solution?

As the ways to bypass the email protection systems evolve, emails become one of the main entry points to cyber-attacks. According to the SANS Cyber Security survey, an estimated 75 percent of identified, impactful threats initially entered via email attachments and around 46% of these attacks were executed by users clicking web links in an email. Email Security solutions are hence a necessity.  It was essential that we analyse the existing email infrastructure and assess all the possible entry points.

ECS selected the Fortinet solution for email security as per client requirements.
According to Fortinet, the email security solution is powerful, independently validated and delivers > 99.7% spam detection rate.
It has multiple layers of malware detection and an extremely low false positive rate.
With advanced threat defence capabilities, this solution is trusted by many organisations and is one of the key infrastructure security components.
The complete digital security posture of the infrastructure was improved.

ECS implemented the email security solution for client with Fortinet as the base. We also prioritized the integrity and security by our email security solution. To implement an effective email protection strategy, we implemented a comprehensive and fully managed email security solution.


After implementing the Fortinet email security solution, client saw an improvement in their overall security posture. Protecting sensitive information was the first step in creating an email security program by analysing and identifying the possible entry points and adding extra security around those. Understanding the security is not just a one-time thing, we ensured that email security best practices were implemented and the organisation was better equipped to fend any malicious attacks not only reactively, but also proactively. The organisation’s specific needs were effectively fulfilled by ECS’ email security solution.


When it comes to cyber-security, being proactive rather than reactive has become imperative. Having a robust email security solution enables businesses to protect their intellectual property better. Any loose ends amount to costly security breaches that can wreak havoc resulting not only in financial losses but also in damaged reputation for the firm. It has become apparent than ever that endpoint security alone will not suffice – a deeper approach to security should be the top priority for businesses.



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