In today’s ever-changing and emerging technological world, Cyber forensics has become an important step in criminal investigations. This typically involves collecting, extracting, and examining digital data evidence from computer hard drives, mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, GPS units, etc), emails, text messages, social media, location (or GPS) data, and cloud storage systems. ECS has helped many organizations to get evidence of illegal and inappropriate use of their company data. The following scenario is the case of the problem that was faced by our client.

About Client :

An Emerging Engineering Manufacturing company in the Indian market that is excellent in exporting machinery & tools worldwide. The Headquarters of the company is located in Mumbai, India. The Company is having 1000+ talented employees and 5+ manufacturing units. With a high degree of technical competence and innovative ideas, this giant company is serving customers for the past three decades and is well established in supply chain infrastructure.

Incident Occurred:
  • The Company have faced ransomware attack several times in the past.
  • Recently, the company faced a ransomware attack in the crucial month of March – the financial closing year.
  • Their digital data was compromised by the Ransomware attack- The data breach caused sensitive data loss and data was
Case Challenges:
  • The Company were having multiple consignments at the final stage to deliver to their customers in the most financial crucial month – March.
  • They reached out to ECS for Cyber Forensics expertise to resolve the cyber attack faced by them and prevent it from future attacks.
  • We had minimal time to plan, prepare and execute without missing any casualties.
  • Although the company had its own IT infrastructure and IT team, which was not appropriately managed and updated. Also, their IT team had a lack of professional knowledge in Data Security & Cyber Forensics.
  • So, it was quite challenging to execute real-time execution, and taking precautions parallelly.
How ECS Provided Solution?
  • Initially, the ECS team isolated their IT network & infrastructure to save the data which wasn’t compromised yet.
  • Further we need to find the loop-hole of the cause and provide an adequate solution.
  • To provide an effective and quick solution, our CMD, Mr. Vijay Mandora, was personally involved in this case and deep-dived to provide their expertise and consult the client directly.
  • Considering the cruciality of the case, he assigned the best ECS Cyber forensics experts & tools to tackle this issue.
  • The assigned team started understanding scenarios to find the loopholes for frequent ransomware attacks.
  • Under the leadership of Mr. Vijay Mandora, the expert team prepared a proper strategy to eliminate these security flaws by conducting multiple meetings to analyze & understand our client’s IT environment& infrastructure.
  • We checked all the email servers, ERP servers, accounting servers, firewalls, and other IT assets and studied log & status reports.
  • Our expert team has gone through all the previous reports and recreated the scenarios to understand the issue, and dived deeper to find the root cause of the problem.
  • We advised & re-designed IT infrastructure and network security structure with the latest cyber security applications.
  • We mapped their network & infrastructure with the advanced firewall security and most secured cyber forensics solutions.
  • ECS team have almost recovered the sensitive and important data of the client.
  • ECS team helped them to upgrade their IT environment with the best possible solutions.
  • Now, the client’s network is secureand safe.

Most industrial companies have their own IT infrastructure team, but they need an expert to audit their IT infrastructure to control cyber incidence. It is a must to have a regular cyber forensics audit for any organization. Hence, your organization should consult the best cyber forensics services in India. 



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