Cyber Forensics Services

Cyber Forensics Services

Cyber forensics is used to neutralize threats with intelligent, cutting-edge investigative and analytic tools. Early detection and quick investigation are a critical factor in fending off cyber-attacks. They are also essential to be prepared to respond to threats. Over time, the number of alerts has become overwhelming and infrastructure wide visibility, intelligence and insights are becoming more and more important. Cyber forensic services give you everything you need to rapidly detect and minimize the impact of the attacks.

The advent of digital technology has transformed the way businesses communicate and transact. The world today is connected by many devices wired and wireless and no business is immune to cyber threats and there is no way to implement a 100% secure technology system. The cyber attacks are getting more and more sophisticated and rapid incident response is a critical requirement. Delays usually compound the problems and inefficiencies cause damage.

We at ECS believe that the only way to minimize the impact of a cyber attack is to be prepared and have a contingency plan. Our Cyber security experts help you prepare a detailed Incident response and digital forensics process that will minimize the damage and reduce downtime in case of an incident. Our approach is comprehensive, proactive and predictive. We identify the root cause and help restore normalcy and suggest measures to stop the reoccurrence of such security breaches.

Cyber Incident Response

Incident response is methodology that is used to respond to and manage cyberattacks.

A cyber attack or a data breach can potentially affect customers as well as the intellectual property of the company and ultimately costs the company time, resources and brand value. Incident response aims to minimize the damage caused and help you recover as soon as possible. Many companies experience a breach at some point of time. It is hence important to have a well planned and repeatable incident response plan.

As the cyberattacks increase in scale and frequency, incident response plans become more vital to a company’s cyber defenses. Poor incident response can alienate customers and trigger greater government regulation.

Cyber Incident Response
Cyber security v/s Cyber forensics v/s digital forensics

Cyber Security v/s Cyber Forensics v/s Digital Forensics

Cyber security and digital forensics are instrumental in creating effective defense, analysis and investigation of a cybercrime. While both focus on protecting the digital assets, they take two different angles of approach. Digital forensics deals with the aftermath of the incident in an investigatory role, whereas, cyber security solutions is more focused on prevention and detection of attacks by designing secure systems.

Cyber Forensics Services

Disk, Network and Mobile Forensics

Disk, network and mobile forensics are essential to develop an attack context in near-real time. This facilitates rapid investigations. Data capture with minimum loss and retrieval of massive data sets helps pivot smoothly between detection and investigation.

Malware analysis—static and dynamic

Malware analysis helps safely execute and analyze malware in a secure environment to strengthen threat intelligence. It helps learn about the entire attack lifecycles and empowers organizations with the ability to detect and eliminate any security breaches due to malware attacks.
Malware analysis helps safely

Mobile Device Forensics

Mobile device forensics are needed when a mobile is hacked, WhatsApp chat needs to be retrieved after deletion or deleted data from a social channel is deleted from a mobile phone. For example, some mobile forensics may require the retrieval of multimedia, chats etc. Mobile forensics is also used to prevent, detect and respond to threats with comprehensive, intelligence driven endpoint visibility. It enables you to instantly act on alerts and enable secure, remote investigation.

Image, Video & Audio Enhancement Forensics

Our experienced image, video & audio forensic lab can help you decipher the content into meaningful data by providing expert reports that are easy to understand.  Our Audio Video Forensics Analysis Service can provide a real-time, eyewitness account of a crime so investigators can watch or hear what transpired.

Forensics Analysis & Enhancement of Voice recording, Analysis of video evidence from CCTV footage is very useful to investigate Cyber Incidents and Responses. For most crimes, however, high-quality audio and/or video recordings are often not available. This is where ECS forensic audio and video experts can help. ECS Forensic experts have many techniques to enhance recordings that can bring out details and provide a clearer picture of what occurred, or make an audio recording more audible.

When Cyber Forensics is Required?

Digital evidence and the forensic process used to collect, preserve and investigate it – has become an important part of solving crimes and legal issues. The information collected by digital devices can prove critical in solving legal matters and computer forensics often plays a role in identifying and preserving that information. Digital evidence is useful in uncovering digital crimes such as data theft, network breaches and illicit online transactions. It’s also used to solve physical world crimes more accurately. It gives you data that is well managed and safe can help streamline the forensic process if and when that data is required for investigation.

When cyber security is required

How ECS help your organization?

Our cyber forensics services will help you:

  • Effectively contain the threat, stop the attack and re-secure your network.
  • Identify all the threats that pose the greatest risk so that you can prioritize and optimize your response efforts
  • Enable you to conduct large scale investigations across your infrastructure to strengthen your cyber protection.
  • Shorten the risk window by building immediate context for the attack and accelerating the investigation.
  • Define the scope and scale of an attack by giving you visibility across your entire network.

Our unique combination of intelligence, expertise and technology

  • We help you gain access to the same tools that are used by the world’s most sophisticated incidents.
  • We help you understand the risks that are involved and the damage they may cause to your most valued assets.
  • We help you with all the resources you would require to quickly mitigate and recover from cyber-attacks.

Ecs Strength

  • Forensic specialists: Our teams bring specialized technical and business knowledge. We have experts with extensive technical and investigative knowledge and we have a global network of over 200 computer forensic examiners in 35 countries to assist with investigations. We bring value to our clients across numerous technical areas including cyber incident response, mobile device discovery and examinations and forensic investigations.
  • Industry focused: We leverage the in-depth knowledge of various industry sectors based on years of experience working closely with our clients.
  • Global reach: We are able to draw from the experience and expertise of our specialists that enables us to address a wide range of cross-border issues impacting people, processes and technology.

Industry focused: We leverage the in-depth knowledge of various industry sectors based on years of experience working closely with our clients.

Global reach: We are able to draw from the experience and expertise of our specialists that enables us to address a wide range of cross-border issues impacting people, processes and technology.

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