Our client is in the manufacturing industry, and his company is in the emerging stage where they are growing by increasing their exporting of machinery and tools worldwide.

As a reputed valve manufacturing company in the overseas market for machinery and tools, they have established an excellent exporting business.

Challenges We Faced:
  • We met with the client to understand the scenario of the problem they were facing.
  • Last year October 2021, they faced a ransomware attack. So, they formatted their entire data but didn’t take any further precautions.
  • Then, the attack again took place during the crucial period of the year in March. All backup and data were destroyed, and their server data got encrypted.
  • As there was some glitch or problems in the client’s data, their end point was compromised, and they faced a ransomware attack again.
  • The entire production unit collapsed due to ransomware. So, their whole business got shut down.
  • It was quite challenging to fix everything as we needed to execute particular tasks (planning, real-time execution, taking precautions) parallelly.
How ECS Provided Solution?
  • As their production collapsed due to ransomware, ECS provided them with a temporary solution of the tally server so they could re-start production units.
  • As the case was crucial, we assigned the best ECS forensics cyber security experts.
  • Furthermore, we decrypted their data. And once production started, we installed the firewall and completed the firewall configuration.
  • As all the endpoints of Windows 7 were compromised, we suggested changing theWindows 10. Because Windows 7 was easy to get vulnerable..
  • Windows10 should be installed to enhance their overall network & Infrastructure
  • But their all systems were compatible with Windows 7, and it was challenging for them to upgrade to Windows 10. So, after that, we suggested they buy and install a licensed version of Windows 7. The client purchases license versions of Windows 7 for more than 150 machines.
  • With deep analysis, we checked all the online resources of our client’s website like email server, ERP server, accounting server, firewalls, and other IT assets and studied log & status reports.
  • Our experts have gone through all the previous reports and dived deeper to find the root cause of the problem.
  • We provided our experienced certified cyber forensics consultants to tackle this issue. Then, we strengthened their firewall.
  • We decrypted around 80% of their data with our data recovery service.
  • As they purchased licenses for 150 machines, we provided training and advice to them to start the UTM policies (IPS, IDS) on the firewall.
  • We fixed their loopholes and secured their data, servers, networks, and cloud storage.
  • These types of ransomware attacks are often if you are not doing regular security audits or do not have a strong firewall on the systems.
  • We advised & re-designed IT infrastructure and network security structure with the latest cyber security applications.
  • Endpoints are majorly compromised with open networks but not with ECS Cyber security services.

Most industrial companies have their own IT infrastructure team, but they need an expert to audit their IT infrastructure to control cyber incidence. Having a regular cyber forensics audit for any organization is a must.

So, if you are looking for cyber forensics services in India, we are a leading forensic security service company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Contact us.



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