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Data Security Management

Data Security Management Services

Modern businesses generate a pile of data in the form of either personal files or intellectual property. Entrepreneurs find it challenging to protect such personalized and sensitive corporate data from going into the hands of hackers. Many companies have paid a heavy price of a data breach in the past and still, many global enterprises are vulnerable to cyber attacks as the technology advances and cybercriminals develop new tactics to steal the valuable data. The growing use of the Internet has also made it mandatory for companies to protect their confidential and personal data.


We provide best-in-class data security management services to the global corporate clientele. Under the name of data security, we provide a range of services like cloud security, web application security, infrastructure security, security audit and assessment, IoT network protection, email protection, and data loss prevention. Our

data management services cover privilege access, identity management, and patch management. We have an in-house team of experienced cybersecurity experts and partnerships with a few of the world’s renowned data management and IT security companies.


At ECS, we follow the best practices to protect your critical corporate data. A state-of-the-art lab with cutting-edge tools and use of the latest techniques enable us to identify vulnerability and possible threat in advance. Some of our data protection methods include IP security, data encryption, and authentication management. Our data security software can keep any unauthorized persons away from your business system and database. We understand the importance of data in your company, and therefore, provide the world-class data security and management system cost-effectively


Cloud Security


SMEs and large enterprises count on cloud technology to store and access data on the move. The migration of corporate data and applications to the cloud can raise security concerns as cloud-based applications always remain vulnerable to cyberattacks and data breach attempts. Unmonitored cloud services can lead enterprises to security blind spots and major catastrophe in the form of data breach or loss. Cloud security services enable companies to implement data security strategies and policies while offering complete control over applications and cloud-based infrastructure.


Web Application Security


Web application security testing can ensure the protection of your web apps and business. It can save your web applications from data breach attempts and other cybercrimes initiated by hackers. Just like mobile apps, web applications also remain vulnerable to cyberattacks and give easy access to confidential company data to individuals with mala fide intentions. It is necessary to use advanced web application testing tools every time to ensure the security of your web applications.


Infrastructure/perimeter security


Modern enterprises have a robust digital infrastructure that includes storage appliances, wired and wireless networks, cloud-based applications, and virtual servers. Your company’s system is always at risk of malware attacks like DDoS and Trojans or sophisticated attacks like Mirai bots. The risk is even greater if your company deals with a plethora of customer data. Infrastructure security can assist you to address any vulnerability and cope with advancing hacking methods while complying with regulatory standards


Data Loss Prevention


The corporate world generates zillions of data every day, and companies find it increasingly hard to protect data from loss or theft. Uncontrolled and unmonitored data may fall into the wrong hands and can lead the organization toward a significant loss of money and reputation. A study has found that start-ups and small companies that become victims of data breach have compelled to stop their operations within six months of cyberattacks.


ECS Strength

Dedicated team of technicians for technical support, maintenance and remote hand support

24/7/365 monitoring of colocated IT assets

Provides redundant power and high-speed redundant network infrastructure

ECS Strength

Identify vulnerable areas to provide customized SOC options

Facilitate you to establish in-house SOC using the right solutions

Evaluate data security requirements to come up with cost-effective solutions

Partnerships with global leaders in cybersecurity

State-of-the-art research laboratory with advanced tools

Provide training to your SOC team to speed up the response to threats

24/7 support and regular updates for SOC center

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