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Security Operations Center Services

Growing incidents of a data security breach is a great cause of concern for modern business. Irrespective of size and scale, every organization is vulnerable to cyber attacks in a technology-driven age. It is necessary to keep your company ready to respond to such attacks and ensure the protection of valuable corporate data. A robust cybersecurity operations center (SOC) can help achieve this objective.


SOC center provides advanced cybersecurity by monitoring the business IT network. It can identify potential security threats and manages network security operations efficiently. At ECS, we understand and assess your data security-related requirements and identify areas from where threats may come. We carefully examine the risk profile, data assets, and existing data protection strategy implemented by your

company. We customize a network operations center or SOC center on the basis of this assessment.


We take a holistic approach while tailoring a SOC center for our corporate clients and offer end-to-end services through flexible delivery models. We offer a dedicated, managed, or a hybrid security operations center to meet the cybersecurity requirements efficiently. We have partnerships with a few of the leading names in cybersecurity and data forensics globally. We collaborate and share expertise with them while following the best practices to offer you reliable data security.


Our network security operations include a range of services like SIEM, endpoint monitoring, big data analytics, IT management, and cloud-based network security. Our expert professionals and certified ethical hackers can go an extra mile to stop cybercriminals by identifying threats and vulnerabilities through various sources. We lead the cybersecurity domain by providing unparalleled security and spreading awareness. Our data security professionals have hands-on experience in using cutting-edge tools and technologies to address the client’s needs.


Our SOC center is a centralized remote headquarter that helps organizations comply with regulatory standards and changing rules. You can count upon us to detect and respond to the threats in the real-time. You can also avail 24/7 support services from our dedicated team and get your IT system regularly updated for effective validation of threats. SMEs and large enterprises can benefit from our network security operations spanned across the world.


ECS Strength

Dedicated team of technicians for technical support, maintenance and remote hand support

24/7/365 monitoring of colocated IT assets

Provides redundant power and high-speed redundant network infrastructure

ECS Strength

Identify vulnerable areas to provide customized SOC options

Facilitate you to establish in-house SOC using the right solutions

Evaluate data security requirements to come up with cost-effective solutions

Partnerships with global leaders in cybersecurity

State-of-the-art research laboratory with advanced tools

Provide training to your SOC team to speed up the response to threats

24/7 support and regular updates for SOC center

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