Today when the major problem for any organization’s security during this pandemic is that cyberspace attacker’s techniques are dynamic as they have a large community of experts in support and can attack from anywhere from the world, so that how to improvise a defending system which cannot only help to detect the threats against the system even from working far from your network but also can give enough time to be prepared against attacks possibility by having prior information about the attack’s type as well as attacker’s prior information and basic technicality knowledge of the attacker might want to get into the system, because once an attacker passes your system’s security gates it might be even harder for your system to not compromising against their will.

Hackers already have made their mind clear to come with full & find new endpoints to be exploited even in this global crisis, resulting in more and more challenges for the individual to industrial sectors. So during this time when everything becomes web-based and validates higher online dependencies, the challenges like third party risks, phishing attacks, fake donation portals for fight against COVID-19, fraudulent products, malware deployment links, and so much other new techniques (like Massive phishing attempts, many of which emphasize false COVID19 information nowadays.) are expanding in such a way that one can be in the trap before smells anything malicious going.

              The Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak has now officially been declared a world pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). yet as causing unexpected health problems, it’s also impacting the economies but even in the world’s biggest economic collapse the cyber compromising is not an option.

And even with the best attack-preventing infrastructure, best in the business firewalls & antiviruses, So far from everything is going with this global crisis time the eternal truth is that the organization’s survival capacity or preventing techniques against cyber exposure tends to dependent upon outsourcing services or tools which are also helping to maintain their ongoing operations even when remotely working, resulting the accountability of Network/Security Operation Centres are getting higher every single day. However this Pandemic likely to be with us for a certain period, we can’t deny the fact of making some tough decisions as per our individual as well as the organization’s beneficial, and for that these elementary Cyber Security Solutions would help you like Vibranium Shield.

cyber solutions during coronavirus
Some Immediate Instructions:
  • Keep the Enigma on your Engine. By keeping the all possible code within your server makes it safer because it’s easy and quick to get alert against threats & also prevents outsider unintentional modifications.
  • As in current situation when all big IT corporations are thinking of splitting a particular portion of work only for Remote Working seriously, the ‘work from home solutions’ would be one of the big trade, so one shouldn’t hesitate to follow bold notion from very these situations.
  • Even the global pandemic won’t allow some operations to be pause, when ‘the show must go on’ is the only option for some services, we could least do is penetration testing for being aware in advance and put the high security at all vulnerable holes.
  • Even when you’re working remotely Network Operations Centre as well as Security Operation Centre could provide the safeguard for your network.
  • Applying innovative tactics like deceptive models for your system is a wise choice, however it could help you for threat detection & prevention even in this cybernetic environment.
  • Ongoing monitoring and scan your system on periodic time is the best option at any time, so passing through this crisis continues examination of your websites to detect third-party, client-side code variances, script modifications.
  • Make sure your security controls are connected to the most up-to-date databases to ensure you get updated information on future attacks and new threats even in your user behavior analysis.


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