Digital Forensic Solution: ECSplorator

Digital Forensic Products: ECSplorator
ECSplorator (DiMoDup)

ECSplorator DiMoDup is a unique device solution for Hard Disk Drive and Mobile phone data acquisitions. It is a unique and ultimate technological solution which is best for purpose and utilization, fastest and robust in operation, and most reliable for quality, and makes it very much possible for law enforcement agencies and experts to analyze the electronic data during the raid itself and that too from across the world. The portable part of the solution is a kit that can be carried along with the raid team and can work on standalone mode.

Sr.No   ECSplorator (DiMoDup)
1 Data Duplication  Disk-to-Disk (clone) duplication
Disk-to-File (image) duplication
2 Image support E01 and Raw 
3 Hash Verifications/Calculation  Hash verification after image creation 
Verify MD5 and Sha1
Separate hash calculation feature to calculate hash 
4 Host Protection/Device Configuration Verification  HPA detection and acquiring HPA electronic data in raw and E01 
5 Read – on mode  All the evidence in read only mode 
6 Device Information/Sorting  Get attached source information such as Model, Serial no, etc
Browsing through files and folders 
Modify Date range
Modified recently 
Sorting based on date, Name, Image name & major fields
Based on extensions 
7 Conditions  Content can be search by multiple words with AND & OR 
8 Mobile Supports Supports android and IOS operating system
Data Analysis and Acquisition from different types of mobile phones 
Supports Logical, Physical and File System 
Recover Data from Messages, Calls, Photos, Chat History , Calendar Item Etc 
Extract Data from Cloud Source such as Facebook, Instagram and many more 
Password and PIN breaker 
Photo Recognizer 
9 Generate Report  Generate Reports in many formats like PDF, HTML, XML, RTF
Generate Complete report 
ECS Strength
ECS Strengths
  • 10 Years of Digital Forensic Business Experience
  • A World-Class Digital forensic Lab equipped with latest Tools
  • Customer Friendly Organisation
  • Innovative, Customer need-centric solutions
  • Experienced motivated technical team for on-time & online  support
  • Proactive monitoring and alerts
  • The most competitive pricing of the Product & Solutions

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