Case Overview:

The customer require audio-video evidence from the scene of the crime. Our client is one such law enforcement agency that was investigating a case of murder. They requested audio and video forensics services for the case and requested analysis of CCTV video footage. The video they had received from the CCTV was very blurred and they had to enhance the video quality to further investigate the crime.

Case Challenges:

The law enforcement agency was working on an investigation where they had collected audio and video evidence from the crime scene, specifically CCTV footage, older version of DVR & CCTV camera. This was important evidence, but the footage was……

  • Completely blurred
  • Human Facial recognition almost impossible
  • Distance at which Camera installed was long
Customer Result Sought / Expectation:
  • Digital footage needed to be analysed
  • Evaluate it for the specific person
  • Made clear enough to be admissible in the court of law
  • The audio and video recordings also needed to be checked for speech intelligibility and audibility.
  • Finally, all to be done without any harm to the authenticity and credibility of this digital evidence.
ECS’ Digital Forensic Expert’s Input, Challenges & Method :
  • Investigators should first identify all video or audio evidence that may exist.
  • In addition to surveillance cameras at the scene, surveillance systems nearby may provide valuable footage, such as recordings of a perpetrator approaching or fleeing a scene.
  • The law enforcement agency’s CCTV video footage was blurred.
  • The face of the person was unrecognizable.
  • They needed to make the video clear enough to help them use it as evidence.
  • Techniques / Method such as video sharpening, stabilization, and enhancement to be used to make the video smooth enough for playback.
ECS’s Solution delivery to the Customer :

After analysing the evidence that was given to ECS, our team of digital forensic experts prepared detailed documentation and plan to improve the quality of the evidence. All the protocols, enhancement techniques that needed to be used were finalized.

  • Digital evidence legal authenticity performed i.e Hash Value
  • The received footage was listened to and reviewed
  • Using Digital forensic tools of Video forensic, specialized forensic devices, the video was enhanced
  • Specific area of the video frames were enhanced, without changes were made
  • Detailed Digital Forensic Report Delivered along with improvised video frames to the customer including method used, type of formats etc.
  • Time Duration – 24 hours, in shorter notice considering priority of the case if was done with in unbelievable time.

With the help of ECS ’s digital forensic expertise, the law enforcement agency was able to find the ultimate culprit.

Benefits to the Customer :

Unlike other forms of forensic evidence, audio and video recordings provide real-time, eye-witness accounts of a crime so that law enforcement agencies can use it as evidence.

ECS Offerings :

ECS uses state-of-the-art technologies for real-time recognition and identification of individuals based on their facial features. It was able to successfully assist a law enforcement agency with our expertise in audio and video forensics.

Our expert offers Video forensics Services in India and has helped a number of investigations and cases successfully.

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