Established in 1991 in Ahmedabad, India with an aim to provide one-stop solution for all software needs, client is a front runner when it comes to developing Customized Software. Client is an independent software vendor with expertise in CRM, HRMS and web technologies. They provide consistent, comprehensive and cost-effective IT solutions and services at a global level. The company is known to build intuitive, innovative and creative software solutions that help businesses with their daily operations and .

Client Requirement:

The client is a software development company and preferred cloud-based solutions for their project. The client was looking for a hosting solution and the ability to easily manage the setup. They also required managed services. If customer manages the setup by themselves, they would incur heavy CapEx (Capital Expenses).

These upfront charges include:

  • Operating System (OS) license
  • Buying a physical server
  • Secure firewall and network device,
  • Dedicated spacing for server and UPS when there is a power cut.
  • Above all this client would need to hire a dedicated person to manage everything.
  • Operating Experiences: Along with upfront capital expenses client will also incur recurring expenses such as electricity, manpower costs, maintenance cost, AMC warranty etc.
How did ECS provide a solution?

Looking at the client’s requirements and challenges, we introduced them to our ECS Channel Partner Program. Our channel partner program is especially designed for customers’ hosting requirements by trusting Us and Public Cloud.

  • We ensure that ECS extends exceptional support and guidance to clients who host their services with us via the channel partner program.
  • After enrolling as an ECS channel partner, client gets a number of benefits. To begin with, client gets a regular single payment reflecting the funds added across all the referred accounts.
  • A single lifetime commission of up to 20% based on the monthly revenue generated.
    Client gets a completely managed cloud service for their customers. Apart from this, client gets exclusive ECS collateral to support your customers.
  • Lifetime commissions on your monthly business. Sales and customer service teams get extra support.
  • The client gets a strong portfolio of cloud services to offer their customers worldwide.
  • Our Cloud solution in Gujarat along with a technical management team helps with the cloud architecture, queries, customer migrations and more.
  • By partnering with ECS Data Center in Gujarat to offer cloud services, client saved upfront costs of purchasing servers, no cost of power cooling, the client could access resources at any time and scale resources as and when required.
  • Cloud also offers greater flexibility. Maintenance is handled in partnership with ECS and the number of staff or technicians for the server operating that would otherwise be required is now a ‘cost saved’!

Customer derived better benefits from our Cloud solution in Gujarat, than if they had opted for a single hosting server. Along with significant CapEx and OpEx savings, client was also able to offer exceptional services to customers. With scalability and flexibility to add or remove resources, client was able to offer better hosting services to customers. Overall, client benefited from the ECS Channel Partner program.


With ECS Channel Partner Program, many businesses have benefited and could successfully host cloud applications.

  • Hassle-free operations and maintenance
  • No dependency on IT & management
  • Since there are no capital expenses, client could focus on business and other expenses better.
  • By using cloud solution, client can access their information from anywhere anytime
    Latest technology benefit by using hardware and server not owned by them client got the ability to offer excellent quality services owned by ECS Data Center in Gujarat.
  • Upfront cost savings and recurring operational savings, client was fully satisfied with the solution provided.


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