Server Colocation Solutions Set-up

Collocation/Data-center Solution set-up from ECS helped one of the clients to efficiently manage their It resources without being hassled.

The Client wanted to save on time and manpower for managing the Colocation-Data-services. ECS setup helped them to bring all data in a collative manner and fixed their need of the hour by hosting a setup, via which they can monitor Data redundancy,

How did ECS help them achieve their objective?

The Client Group is a re-known venture dealing in automobile distribution. They are a licensed car dealing partner for Honda and Mercedes across the country.

Business Case

The Client collocates many things at once. Managing the data center was a challenge because of the small space they have got. Along with the space challenge, there were issues, in setting up the data center, and data management. The main source of issue identified by this team of automobile group was primarily focused on;

• Small Space
• Difficult to Manage by own
• Settling up Data-center can cost very high
• Can’t manage to have a tier-4 level data center and maintain as well as monitor it.
• Data Redundancy Management

Because of the above-mentioned issues, the group was lagging behind, in management and clarifying report logistics. This intends the issue and was expecting support from a venture, which can help them to be competent and enable them to manage data.


The Client availed services to cope up with the above solutions from ECS technologies and availed dedicated support for:

• Reliable collocation solutions
• Setting up a backup server
• Global collocation support
• Setting up of a plan for remote management
• Implantation of Temperature, Pressure & Humidity Control Sensors
• 24×7 Operating System (OS)

Key Benefits

• By acquiring services, The Client can effectively do Management of Tier 4 Data Center at their Gift City center, Gandhinagar.
• Our group found a solution that was reliable, scalable, and secures collocation solutions.
• The IT team from the Client’s office can monitor their collocated IT assets 247.
• Getting Options for Backup/Recovery made it easy to monitor the data within the center effectively.
• Setting up of data Tools to Remotely Manage Your Environment, helped them to work more without being physically present within the center.
• The team can manage Temperature, Pressure & Humidity Control Sensors, which helped them in maintenance within the center.
• The center saved on power utilization, as fuel tanks can support energy requirement 247 without being uninterrupted.
• Setting up a collocated center also helped in the management of Air-cooled centralized chilled water plants with quick restart function as power maintenance was done thoroughly.

Key Takeaways

Overall, the client Group is thoroughly satisfied by ECS, as they were able to manage things and ECS also saved them on the setup of small but important aspects related to the business.

• The Client is satisfied in terms of getting global collocation services.
• The Owner of the Group, himself mentioned that the performance of the team has improved by 3 times thanks to the cloud computing solutions from ECS.
• TAT has improved as things can be managed using the data management system.
• Scalability to improve resources has helped them effectively manage their fuel tanks and cooling options.



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