Our client is a reputed industrialist and runs a co-operative bank. He has been working in the bank for the last thirty years. And over the thirty years, he has opened several new branches of his co-operative bank. Today, they have established the trust of over thousands of clients. The bank continuously grows and gains a new customer base and increases its business graph.

Client Requirement
  • The client has a financial website, so they wanted to make it more secure.
  • To do so, the client wants to perform a VAPT audit on their website initially.
  • Parallelly, the client also looks for an IT audit, so it becomes easy to carry out all the necessary steps to secure a website under a single roof.
  • Apart from that, our client was also looking for the CSOC service that is cyber security operating services to analyze, manage, and record their organization’s events.
  • So, the client looks for a company that meets all its requirements on a single platform. And started finding the best CSOC service provider in India and got in touch with us.
Risk and Vulnerabilities Found on the Client's Application

While testing the client’s banking application, we found the following risks.

  1. Network design was not up to the mark and didn’t meet the industry standards.
  2. The existing firewall on the application was outdated.
  3. Also, we found they were using the legacy base firewall without any UTM functionalities.

After performing the analysis on the whole application, we prepared a plan to fix the vulnerabilities.

How did ECS Provided a Solution?

We follow a transparent process to provide a solution, so the client is always on the same page.

  • Planning Stage: In this stage, we perform a complete analysis of the application and prepare a plan. Gather information on the application and detect the potential threats, if any.
  • Execution Stage: After analysis, we start resolving the vulnerabilities of an app and perform all the testing as discussed in the planning stage with the client.
  • Reporting Stage: At this stage, once we are done with all the vulnerabilities resolving tasks and an application is free from the threats. We prepared a detailed report on how we perform the VAPT, IT Audit, and CSOC services on the website and mentioned all the information about the work done.
  • Performed the VAPT and IT Audit and took all the necessary steps to make the application secure.
  • We provided the CSOC to make secure the sensitive data of the bank.
  • Resolved all the incidents or gaps of application actively.
  • Provided all CSOC service according to the industry standards and RBI guidelines
  • We set a new network design according to industry standards and removed the network bugs.
  • Updated firewall according to the latest network security protocol.
  • On top of that, we created a next-gen firewall with proper security standards.

We at ECS provide a complete cyber security solution to our clients. In addition, we offer a complete report of the tasks we performed on the client’s website. We perform every security task perfectly, so our client’s web or mobile application gets secure from potential threats.



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