Overview :

The client runs a public ltd company with global consultation and leading 100+ customers. It aims to be a truly high-performing organization delivering quality products and services to its customers and attain a leadership position in the industries they operate in. Today, the needs of thousands of households have been covered by them, providing unbeaten quality to the developing real estate of the Nation.

Challenges: Requirements of the client

The Client was searching for a VPS hosting service provider to store its data and host major services. Then they trusted ECS as a leading VPS hosting service provider in India. Initially, the Client stored their company data on the ECS VPS server and they got the best service.

 Further, they wanted to host three more modules on the ECS cloud server:

   1. Website: Holding critical information as they are a public ltd company. The online impression and prestige of the company are sensitive and should be managed appropriately. The Client also has global customers, and the website needs to run live 24*7.

   2. CRM: – As being the leading manufacturer they have vast numbers of Sales and Business development employees. They all make their data inputs and their day-to-day activities regarding sales into the CRM. And thus, the sensitive information of the company needs to be managed securely.

   3. Foundation: – As per the law, huge companies should contribute to the charity/foundation. The client also wanted to host such data on the ECS cloud server. This confidential data should be safe and secure.

How does ECS provide the solution?

ECS provides the best VPS hosting services to the customers with the following benefits:

  • Latest Infrastructure and Technology
  • Zero percent downtime provided to the customers
  • All data is redundant; data and resources can be upgraded anytime.
  • If the user increases, then resources can be easily upgraded and load can be balanced.
  • ECS provides 24*7 support with technical experts.
  • All data is handled sensitively.

As in the era of digitization, a website has become the key factor for any organization. Everyone wants to run their website 24*7. So here ECS took zero percent of downtime to host the Client’s website with its latest IT infrastructure and technology.

ECS technical experts monitored the important data of the CRM and Foundation portal 24*7 and managed the data securely. And with adding of new user data can be easily upgraded.


The client needed the secured and well-managed VPS Hosting service to keep its data managed and secured. The website should be live always as global customers can approach and CRM data should not be compromised under any circumstances. And they are contented to collaborate with ECS Group. ECS solved and managed all the run-time errors they were facing and provided the best support for managing and hosting their data and website. Our team has completed this challenging task within the deadlines. ECS technical experts fulfilled the client’s requirements.



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