Data center security cannot be neglected as companies, institutions, and colocation suppliers persist to embrace the opportunity to increase and modernize their data center portfolio. A deliberate or unintentional data breach could lead to the loss of consumer trust, reputational harm, considerable capital setback, non – compliance with financial penalties from government regulators, and other negative outcomes.

The situation demands that data center security standards be implemented across the entire stack, both physically and virtually.

When selecting a third-party provider, data center security ought to be at the top of your priority list. This is even more crucial considering that you’ll be delegating your provider with confidential and sensitive data. Data center infrastructure unquestionably needs to improve its security measures if we want to stop major data breaches, identity theft, and cyberattacks in the future.

What Is Data Center Security?

The process of implementing security measures at the data center is known as data center security. It acts as a defense against dangers that could jeopardize the privacy, accuracy, or accessibility of corporate data assets or proprietary information.

Vital Steps To Prevent Data Center Breaches

Data centers need to take preventative measures to safeguard the data while maintaining total visibility, multilayered fragmentation, and threat detection that follows the volume of work all around.

Here is a list of steps that you can use to determine or prevent the depth of your data center security –

  • Only the bare minimum of privileged access should be granted to any console that attempts to connect to a data center.
  • A data center must always include a wide range of perimeter-based monitoring tools, such as systems for intrusion detection with AI or deep learning capabilities, routers, and IP address monitoring.
  • Expand the number of segments you have in place to deter cybercriminals for longer.
  • There are other types of intrusions at data centers besides cyberattacks. Establishing physical barriers, sturdy infrastructure, surveillance equipment, backups, and other things is part of improving the data center’s security. In the security architecture, this is frequently a crucial layer.
Why ECS Data Centers Always Stay Ahead Of All Cyberthreats?

Usually, Tiers are considered as one of the measures to correspond to the security of Data centers. ECS stands as the Tier 4 Data Center in India, and tier 4 data centers coordinate with more distinguished security standards in data centers.

How ECS data centers stand out –

  • ECS reduces the scope of cyber hackers by incorporating 4-5 layers of physical security.
  • Prevent the breach by utilizing the power of the latest tools and technologies like Survillieance cameras, biometrics, cage security, anti-rodent system (lizards & rats can’t enter) and so much more.
  • We are the industry leader in offering our clients the maximum up-time that complements the state-of-art architecture.
  • Get unbeatable scalability with various levels of redundancy.
  • Store all your data in one place with ECS data centers. We have hyper-scale and density data centers to fulfill all corporate needs.

ECS is one of the top and high-end tier-4 data center service providers in India. For over two decades, we have been providing multiple redundancy with multilevel security to ensure top-notch standards of security to all our clientele.



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