Our client is a global Financial services organization that specializes in secure digital communication solutions for businesses operating in highly regulated industries.


The client encountered several challenges in adapting to the rapidly changing email security landscape. These challenges included the need for customization security policies, prevention of unauthorized access to sensitive emails, and establishing a robust defense against emerging vulnerabilities in the email protocol.

Solutions Delivered
  • Customization Policy Framework: Developed a robust policy framework incorporating AI-driven threat detection and user-defined rules. Allowed clients to tailor email security policies to their specific needs, addressing even the most sophisticated threats.
  • Granular Audit Trail Mechanism: We integrated a granular audit trail mechanism to track every interaction with an email. Facilitated compliance by providing a detailed record of email interactions for regulatory purposes.
  • Attachment Watermarking: We implemented watermarking for attachments to deter unauthorized sharing of email content. Their strengthened data privacy by discouraging the unauthorized distribution of sensitive information.
  • Real-time Analytics: We integrated real-time analytic capabilities to monitor and assess potential threats as they occurred. Client enabled proactive threat response and provided valuable insights for continuously improving security protocols.
  • SMTP-Independent Architecture: We Provided an additional layer of defense, future-proofing the solution against emerging email vulnerabilities.

The implementation of the Outlook Email Protection Of The Next-Gen solution yielded significant positive outcomes:

  • Reduced Threat Exposure: The multilevel policy framework and advanced threat detection led to a substantial reduction in the risk of successful phishing attacks and malware infiltration.
  • Enhanced Compliance: The granular audit trail and consent layer ensured that communications met regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of compliance violations.
  • Improved Data Privacy: Watermarking and consent mechanisms strengthened data privacy by discouraging unauthorized sharing of sensitive information.
  • Real-time Threat Mitigation: Real-time analytic enabled prompt identification and response to emerging threats, preventing potential breaches before they could cause damage.
  • Future-Proof Security: The SMTP-independent architecture future-proofed the solution against emerging email vulnerabilities, ensuring a robust defense against evolving threats.

ECS Outlook Email Protection Of The Next-Gen solution not only provided cutting-edge email security but also positioned the company as a leader in the email security industry. The comprehensive features and their successful implementation showcase ECS commitment to addressing the challenges of the ever-evolving cyber security landscape, ultimately offering clients peace of mind and establishing itself as a trusted partner in the financial services sector.



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