Email Security Solutions

Safeguard and uphold the privacy rights of the data/document shared via the Microsoft Outlook platform in the form of an email to recipients both within and outside the enterprise network.

Why Email Protection?

Email is the most used communication channel in today’s corporate world and unfortunately is also the most ignored one until unless our content gets compromised in the wrong hands. We share a lot of confidential content on emails with trust in the recipient and hope the content does not get into the wrong hands. Emails generally get sent over untrusted networks or external networks that are in most cases outside of the organizational security boundary. Emails once sent via this route are extremely vulnerable to content compromising at various levels of the transition path. These are like postcards that can be read, copied, modified, and even forwarded to unauthorized recipients at any point along these paths.

A basic email service provider provides us with basic functionalities such as sending and receiving of emails and to some extent, the read receipt. What we actually need is an encrypted tunnel that will decrypt only at the right recipient and with the consent of the actual content owner and not even the sender. This enables a straight-line approach wherein the content only gets consumed by the authorized recipient and the authorization can happen by the consent of the content owner in real-time.

Outlook Email protection of the next-gen for the next-gen challenges
Multilevel Policy

Manage content policies at various
levels ranging from read only to
complete access.

Exclusive Consent Layer

Enable exclusive consent layer to govern
access controls every time a content is getting accessed.

Granular Audit Trail

Get audit trail like never before. Know
recipient details such as location, machine
type, machine id and more.

Watermark Enabled

Enable watermark on all documents that
get downloaded or printed from email attachments.

Real-time Analytics

Get real-time analytics at an organizational
level to provide visibility.

SMTP Independent

Capable of working with almost all of the
popular email service providers.

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