Company Overview:

The client is a leading technology solutions provider offering services in mobile and web applications and enables businesses to hire software development resources as per project requirements. The client had a very stringent requirement for endpoint security solutions for their network. With the changes in access points for devices due to remote working, the network needed to be tightly secured for critical data.

Challenges: Requirement of the client

As enterprises and employees are incorporating practices to make access to data more fluid, and the trend for BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) policies the client wanted to ensure that security was tightened and there were no loose ends or vulnerabilities that could expose the network to external attacks. Employees working from remote locations and connecting to external wi-fi networks also needed to be checked. The entire network security perimeter had to be checked as the threats usually, increasingly come through the endpoints and centralized network protection does not go far enough. The network security perimeters keep on constantly shifting as new devices and advanced technologies are implemented. The client wanted to ensure security and greater control over the access points and prevent vulnerabilities that can arise.

The client’s network consisted of diverse devices with a number of operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. The client was looking for:

– Antivirus to protect all the devices with various operating systems.

– To protect their file protection structure

– A device control facility in all their OS’

– A solution that blocks ransomware, crypto lockers, external Pendrive devices, and more.

– Antivirus can support windows n MAC as a whole, but not Linux

How ECS provided a solution?

After analysing the entire underlying network and the diverse operating systems and devices on the network, ECS decided to take a wholesome approach to tighten the security using endpoint security solutions. Kaspersky was selected as the solution. This endpoint security software will be able to use encryption and application control to secure devices that access the network and offer better control and monitor and block risky activities. Encrypting data on the endpoints and removable storage devices helps protect against data leaks and loss. The application control prevents endpoint users from executing unauthorized applications that could create vulnerabilities in the network.

Kaspersky was selected as a solution as it secures diverse environments – PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

– We also gave a demo in their live environment

– Solution deployment was done in the live environment (Live POC – Proof of Concept)

– Kaspersky is the only solution that provides a Device Control environment in Linux OS, blocking pen drive, threats, and ransomware, etc.

– Kaspersky also has a file protection facility

– Kaspersky provided signature and signature-less protection (NGAV) feature to our client’s requirement.

– It delivers real-time antivirus protection.


Using the endpoint security approach makes the network more secure than anti-virus alone. The endpoints were secured and each device was made safe within the network. Endpoint solutions often use a client-server model of protection and employing a centrally managed security solution to protect the network as well as the client software locally installed on each endpoint used across that network. Some of these work on a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, by which both central and endpoint security solutions are maintained remotely.

By implementing Kaspersky as a solution for the client, we saw the following results:

– Implemented live demo for their requirements

– Device control was successfully implemented

– Admin dashboard console was deployed to make it easy to use for technical as well as non-technical personnel.

– The risks of cyber threats were reduced.

– Mobile threat defense was implemented

– Encryption management was implemented.

– Tight controls over costs were maintained.


A proactive approach to network security has become the need of the hour! As businesses scale and new devices and assets are added to the network, it also becomes essential to secure each endpoint and ensure that the business’s critical information is safeguarded at all times. With Kaspersky endpoint security, ECS was able to fulfill all the security requirements of the client.

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