In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, ensuring the security of an IT firm’s global infrastructure is paramount. This case study focuses on a leading IT company specializing in business process management software products. With a global customer base and multiple office locations, the firm approached ECS Biztech to perform a detailed Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) on their infrastructure in the India and US.

Through a collaborative effort, we conducted VAPT consultant services in India, focusing on both internal and external testing to fortify the cyber security posture of the client’s infrastructure.

Challenges Faced:
  • Ensure data leak protection during daily connectivity between US and India offices.
  • Evaluate the resilience of the product deployment infrastructure against denial-of-service attacks.
  • Mitigate vulnerabilities that could compromise the confidentiality and integrity of the IT firm’s systems.
Our Solutions:
  1. Testing Scope Definition: 
  • A kickoff meeting with the firm’s CEO and IT manager to define the testing scope.
  • Internal testing of network infrastructure, proxy servers, internet connectivity, and server access.
  • External testing in black hat mode specifically targeting deployment infrastructure.
  1. Comprehensive VAPT Approach:
  • Internal network tests capturing L2-L3 attacks and attempts to compromise Windows passwords.
  • Tests for downloading spyware, bypassing network policies, and disabling antivirus measures.
  • Non-intrusive internal tests to verify firewall configurations at both US and India ends.
  • Destructive denial-of-service test on the deployment infrastructure to assess resilience.
  • Ethical hacking attempt to evaluate perimeter defense and the security of online services.
  1. Reporting and Recommendations:
  • A detailed report highlighting severity 1, 2, and 3 vulnerabilities along with recommendations.
  • Emphasis on maintaining the confidentiality of the report and prompt communication with the IT firm’s tech management.
  1. Cyber Security Design Change:
  • Suggested a cyber security design change based on identified vulnerabilities.
  • Acted as security consultants for ongoing tasks such as patch management system re-design, antivirus deployment, and deployment infrastructure security revamp.

As a VAPT service company in India, we provided a detailed report, categorizing vulnerabilities and offering recommendations to the IT firm’s tech management. This transparent and collaborative approach underscores the value of ongoing security consultancy, particularly in the dynamic IT landscape.

  1. Enhanced Cybersecurity Measures:
  • The IT firm’s management could roll out products more securely with a revamped deployment infrastructure.
  • Improved confidence for future plans and initiatives, as the infrastructure was certified for cyber securityand met international standards.
  1. Business Expansion Opportunities:
  • The certification of cyber security measures facilitated the IT firm in securing contracts with  firms, demonstrating their commitment to robust cyber security
  1. Internal Security Strengthened:
  • Vulnerabilities leading to potential data leaks were identified and addressed through the implementation of IT policies and software checks, enhancing internal security.

ECS Biztech VAPT services in India played a pivotal role in identifying, mitigating, and preventing Cybersecurity vulnerabilities, showcasing our commitment as a trusted VAPT service company in India. The collaborative journey with the client underscores the significance of VAPT consultant services in India for adapting to the evolving threats in the digital landscape.



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