Our client is optimizing businesses through advanced ERP software solutions. For the past 28 years, they have provided scalable ERPs from SMBs to MNCs. Our client aims to streamline businesses and they have a dedicated team of ERP Experts with credibility and reliability.

Being an enthusiastic customer, our client wanted to upgrade the performance of its software. So, the client was looking for VPS hosting services and contacted ECS VPS hosting service.

Client Requirement
  • As you know, the client is into the ERP solution providing services.
  • The client looks to find a cloud solution that streamlines and keeps running their ERP solutions without interruption.
  • Most consumers of our client are into manufacturing, so you get the importance of these ERP solutions.
  • ERP solutions deal with many business verticals, from HR to Accounts to Administration. Therefore, to offer the smooth performance of ERP solutions, he needs to provide cloud-based VPS.
  • They need cloud-based services that run 24/7 and provide 99.9%
  • Also, parallelly our client was looking for services that provide easy scalability and make it accessible from anywhere.
  • So, our client searched for an excellent performing VPS hosting service that offers an efficient, reliable and rapid responsive hosting service provider.

After discussing requirements with one of our executives, the client decided to purchase our VPS services.

How ECS Provided Solution?
  • For providing a solution to our client, we deeply understood the usage and requirements. Then we offered a VPS that fits best their needs.
  • We provided a VPS solution that is high-performing with networking.
  • Also, set up advanced security connections with the latest infrastructure and technology.
  • We provided a VPS solution with a backup service. Also, an upgradable hosting server to scale its resources anytime.
  • With the 99.9% of uptime SLA for public network
  • We also provide 24/7 assistance with outstanding desk help.Being India’s best VPS cloud hosting service provider, we provide hosting services that meet your requirements and deliver outstanding performance.
  • With ECS VPS hosting service, the client could save on the cost of a dedicated server.
  • We ensure to provide the best VPS hosting service that is secure, fast, reliable, and controllable.
  • We also offer exceptional support to resolve our client queries within a limited time.
  • By using our best cloud VPS service, the client was happy.

Being one of the best VPS cloud hosting providers in India, we are happy to provide services from which we get customer satisfaction. The customer wanted a secure and 99.99% up the running server and reliable hosting provider that collaborates with us. ECS organization provider solves the organization’s problem by providing the best VPS hosting services in India.



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