VPS hosting is like a dedicated server within a Shared Hosting environment. Resources are not shared – you have dedicated access and get a steady performance. With VPS, a number of virtual private servers are installed on one of the physical servers and managed with a virtualization software. These servers remain completely separate with each running their own Operating System. Therefore, your website and applications remain unaffected by the actions of other users. Complete root access means you have the autonomy to install any kind of customized software without being restricted. With VPS, you get guaranteed resources like CPU, RAM and bandwidth. VPS is usually less expensive than dedicated web hosting even though it offers similar services. So, while selecting VPS plans, it’s essential to consider what you need to serve your website. It’s important to analyse your needs and go through each plan offered by your provider before making your choice. You need to hit the right balance between resources and what you are willing to play. It is also vital that you choose a VPS hosting service provider in Gujarat that offers you full-time round the clock support. Most hosting companies offer email support. Look out for 24/7 support.

Managed and Unmanaged – another important factor to consider is whether you would prefer managed or unmanaged VPS hosting. With managed VPS Hosting, the provider takes care of all the issues that may occur. This could greatly decrease your workload as the web hosting provider takes care of the server resources and monitors the server while they make regular updates and necessary upgrades when required. With unmanaged VPS Hosting, the responsibility of the VPS on the customer. Setting up, configuring, and monitoring the VPS is all your responsibility. You need to be highly skilled and tech savvy – but you get the freedom to configure the server as your business requirements. If you do require some help to manage your VPS, the hosting providers offer you an integrated and pre-installed cPanel to control the various resources. You get root access so that you get the ability to install and configure almost anything you require. VPS also offers an isolated and hence more secure hosting environment. It’s also a good idea to look for preconfigured security.

There are a lot of factors that go into the choosing of the right VPS plan. Uptime, reliability, network, resources and more.

Look at the pricing options

A VPS hosting server is in between shared and dedicated hosting. It will offer you all the similar services that you expect with dedicated servers. VPS servers even have the advantages of the dedicated server where you get complete control over the resources. A cheap VPS server reduces the cost too much but also analyse what you will get for that price. Do not compromise on features for price. While selecting a VPS server check out the pricing models offered. Cloud VPS Hosting has various different features and pricing models to offer.

Choose a dynamic control panel

Getting root access is one of the best features of VPS Server Hosting. It gives administrator level control with the ability to take in-charge of your own server to host your multiple websites or to install third party applications. Some of the VPS hosting service providers in Gujarat offer a number of services rather then simply renting out virtual servers. They offer control panels and dashboards that monitor your devices and lots more.

Pay close attention to the security features

Although a VPS offers an isolated secured hosting environment, ensure that the provider has done all the preconfigured security settings, firewalls, anti-virus protection and more. This will reduce the downtimes that you might have due to security issues.

Managed and unmanaged VPS hosting

When it comes to hosting, most providers offer managed and unmanaged VPS hosting. An unmanaged hosting leaves the responsibility of managing complete VPS servers in your hands and a managed VPS hosting service provider in Gujarat will offer you a complete setup, configuration and all the monitoring. Consider your requirements before you make a decision about which kind of hosting you would require. They also offer support by helping you with all the intricate tasks like login, migrations, network optimizations, hardening and patching and firewall setups. This is usually a complete package of services.

So, along with the resources, costs and available configurations, you might want to check out the services offered by the hosting provider. Choosing the right VPS hosting services matters if you wish to derive long term benefits for your business. Frequent downtimes, and security glitches could be – in the long run more harmful and could cost you more. It’s essential to take into consideration your immediate and long-term requirements and select the best VPS Cloud Hosting in India for your requirements.



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