Cyber-attacks have been on the rise. Moreover, the sophistication of these attacks has also increased. These attacks whether internal or external, not only expose business-critical data to malicious attackers but also taint the reputation of the organization. It is hence essential to identify the weak links in the network or infrastructure that could potentially expose the business to cyber-attacks. Identification is not the only aim. There also needs to be remediation for these detected vulnerabilities. This is exactly what VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing) can help you with.

Need of VAPT

VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing) is essentially a process that is used to detect various security flaws in a network. Penetration Testing is conducted to check if the identified vulnerability exists by exploiting an application. The VA tools (Vulnerability Assessment tools) discover the vulnerabilities that are present in your system, but they are unable to differentiate between bugs that can cause damage and those that cannot cause any damage to the system. This kind of assessment can also be done manually. The report that is generated using VA is further used while conducting penetration testing. Penetration Testing is used to measure the degree of these vulnerabilities. This process helps in confirming if the vulnerability exists in the program. It will help you understand the exploit in detail.

VAPT process consists of the following broad steps:

– Scanning applications or network infrastructure with the help of vulnerability scanners

– Search for vulnerabilities in the system

– Attempt to exploit the vulnerabilities

– Provide the results of these steps in the form of reports.

Typically, VAPT tests involve identifying network and system-level vulnerabilities, incorrect configurations & settings, absence of strong passwords & protocols, etc. It also conducts application penetration tests for identifying system-level vulnerabilities, incorrect configuration, and settings, absence of strong passwords, protocols, etc. Physical tests can also check the physical aspects such as CCTV cameras, malfunctions in sensors and sensor bypasses, and the ability for someone to break any physical barriers. Another type of penetration testing is device penetration testing that tests hardware, configuration violations, and weak passwords, etc.

Secure your IT infrastructure with VAPT & how to improve

Infrastructure Penetration Testing is an effective method to detect vulnerabilities and security flaws in the underlying network. These vulnerabilities could open the doors of your business to cybercriminals. They could meddle and compromise your network. Penetration testing provides you with details about your business’s security loopholes. This kind of testing also checks whether your network infrastructure complies with the information security policies and the response rates to any cyber threats. Penetration testing is important because it not only identifies the vulnerabilities but also suggests the steps for remediation.

As connectivity improves and more and more assets are added, it puts the network at greater risk. A thorough VAPT testing provides a roadmap to enterprises for building cyber-resilience. It offers recommendations to address security weaknesses and by exploiting these weaknesses, the test can depict the accurate impact of the exploit. A VAPT program minimizes the attack surface by identifying, evaluating, treating, and reporting the vulnerabilities to ensure that your organization’s critical data is not exposed to any threats.

ECS offers <a href=”https://www.ecsbiztech.com/it-infrastructure-vulnerability-assessment-audit/”><strong>VAPT services in India</strong> </a>and our consultants perform a thorough analysis of your network infrastructure for possible loose ends and vulnerabilities. We perform the first stage of consulting for infrastructure security-related issues. In addition to these foundation-building activities, we also perform audits regularly to ensure complete security and defend your organization from intrusion attacks. As the tools and tactics that cybercriminals use become more sophisticated, we help keep track of everything that might be a threat to your business. We regularly test your organization’s cybersecurity and compliance. VAPT has become a necessary element for organizations wanting to achieve compliance with standards including the GDPR, ISO 27001, and PCI DSS.

One of the essential tools we use is Code Vulnerability Assessment which is used for assuring threat-free database and security. We use state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced tools to help you with qualitative methods to identify the threats to your network.


ECS Strengths:
  • Excellent support via a Network / Security Operations Center
  • Security need-centric solutions
  • Expertise in the network, server, storage, virtualization, application, and database
  • Strong OEM Partnership
  • Experienced technical team for support
  • Proactive monitoring and alerts
  • The most competitive pricing

As organizations grow and the infrastructure gets more diverse with new technologies and new devices being added, it gets difficult to track each and every loophole that may get created. Many times some of your most sensitive assets may get exposed due to an oversight. It is best to have a regular, periodic plan to assess and test your network for exploits. VAPT testing tries to break the existing network and offers necessary solutions if any risks are identified. With vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, you can ensure that your network is monitored regularly by cybersecurity experts and bugs and risks are fixed before they could turn into catastrophes.

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