Today’s threats are coming from many different sources. Businesses have long been worried about the threat of ransomware. Recently, Travel Giant CWT, Garmin, Canon was targeted by threat. Severe Twitter Official accounts, Intel’s confidential data & Capital One’s data hacked
However, to increase Email Security and protection posture is must. Email continues to be one of the most popular attack vectors. An astonishing 91% of attacks begin with a spear-phishing email. Research by Statista found that 66% of MSPs indicated the most common cause of ransomware infection they saw was phishing attacks.
We have the best solution for email protection for O365 and Gsuite customers:
Multi-Level BEC Protection

Multi-Level BEC Protection

  • Provides machine learning-based technology to identify email senders in real-time
  • Prevents email spoofing, impersonation and non-signature based BEC attacks in real-time
  • Helps SOCs study every employee’s inbox ongoing to detect anomalies using email and metadata
  • Automatically checks every employee’s inbox for anomalies with unique fingerprint technology
  • Helps employees to recognize and report phishing through InMail banner alerts
  • Factors for DMARC/SPF/DKIM, sending IPs, normal communication context and other metadata
  • Helps users to make smarter, quicker decisions regarding suspicious emails already in their inbox
AI-Powered Incident Response
IRONSCALES combines human and machine controls to increase the speed and accuracy of incident analysis and threat intelligence automatically – or at the click of a button. Our AI-powered security analyst, Themis, rests on top of the platform’s decentralized, crowd-sourced threat intelligence engine. This machine analyst continuously learns and adapts from the tens of millions of emails that pass through our platform, giving your security teams advice about how best to prevent and respond to phishing attacks.
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By combining human experience with powerful AI, the IRONSCALES platform:

  • Detects suspicious e-mails (and groups of e-mails) in seconds vs. minutes or hours
  • Automatically claws back and clusters bad emails at scale – instantly
  • Enables users to report suspicious emails that get through the SEG with a single click
  • Decreases email admin requirements with AI/machine learning (no more scripts and tools)
  • Reduces the time phishing emails sit idle in employee mailboxes with real-time remediation
Real Time Threat Protection - IRONSCALES Community
The Federation module offers real-time human verified actionable collaboration, integrated with automated incident response, as a means to better prepare and respond to new attacks before they target other employees’ or other companies’ inboxes.
By decentralizing and distributing threat intelligence automatically, companies around the world can implement proactive phishing protection to defend against unknown threats that have already been verified by other security experts within the Federation community.
The IRONSCALES Platform:
  • Logs threats immediately, cross referenced anonymously across the entire community
  • Leverages the skills/experience of more security professionals than any other solution
  • Receives and federates ongoing incident updates from all SOC users within the platform anonymously
  • Reduces time and effort while increasing speed and accuracy of threat detection
  • Relies on human-verified phishing intelligence to reduce false positives
  • Syncs alerts with other tools on the platform to automate detection and remediation
AI-Powered Virtual SOC Analyst (Themis)
Built on top of our decentralized, crowd-sourced threat intelligence engine, our AI-powered security analyst, Themis continually learns from tens of millions of emails that run through our platform to give your security teams advice about where and how to address different threats and attacks. Themis examines an incident’s threat level and potential impact, and also provides a threshold of confidence for any recommendations.
As a fully autonomous solution that doesn’t require human intervention, Themis can identify and resolve phishing attacks with more than 90% accuracy. In fact, some customers rely on Themis for the majority of their incident response decisions.
Her capabilities include:
  • Mimicking SOC teams’ decision processes for hard-to-read email threats in real time
  • Leveraging thousands of analyst inputs at any moment, based on what’s happening now
  • Automating decisions without human intervention based on your thresholds and policies
  • Providing confidence level for all possible outcomes of a given email threat
Phishing Simulation & Training
We take a multi-layered, employee-tailored approach to training, with the goal of reducing phishing clicks rates while improving the rate and speed of detection. Features include:
  • Customized Training Campaigns: Tailor training campaigns for any level of employee based on their function, location, role and other filters. Based on how they work, we help each employee think and act like a security team members.
  • Advanced Simulations: We go beyond the basics by preparing your team to identify some of the most deceptive and effective social engineering tactics. Leveraging human awareness is a key tactic for catching suspicious emails missed by technical controls.
  • Training Video Library: Your employees gain access to NINJIO’s full library of award-winning, micro-learning phishing simulation videos.
  • Measurable Impact and Gamified Results: From a high-level overview to a granular breakdown by each employee, we provide the real-time reporting you need to track progress. Leader boards and other gamification tactics encourage a healthy level of participation while also identifying those who may need additional training or assistance.
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