The client is a multi-activity, multi-discipline global enterprise that spans four continents – Asia, Europe., North America and Africa. A client is a group of companies working on various business interests that cover a wide spectrum including cement, building materials, packaging, sugar, horticulture, engineering, electrical cables, consultancy, agro chemicals, hospitality, entertainment sports, carbon dioxide, trade and financial Services & international trade.

Challenges: Requirement of the client

The client was operating on a two-decade-old legacy network with devices that weren’t ready for changes. Device failures were all too common and compatibility with the newer systems was not smooth. There was minimal to nil network visibility and performance was impacted. The main concern was however, the security that was required. Client wanted to run a thorough test and audit to check and figure out a systematic plan for upgradation.

  • There was no way to integrate the more advanced security measures and compliance took a back seat.
  • With legacy systems running, maintenance costs soared.
  • All these issues eventually outweighed the convenience of continuing the use of existing systems.

The client was looking for a complete Cyber Security Audit Service and Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Service.

How ECS provided solution?

ECS is one of the leading providers of VAPT in Gujarat. At ECS, we help assess and identify the probable areas of improvement in IT Infrastructure Management. We test for vulnerabilities and check for possible loopholes that could expose your network.

  • Taking into account that legacy systems could pose a set of compatibility issues and put the entire environment at risk, we ran a detailed IT audit.
  • We also prepared a detailed report and analysed it for any gaps in security and performance of the existing legacy networks.
  • Based on this analysis, we also performed remediation that could solve some of these issues. While ensuring that the network was compliant, we implemented industry standards and introduced best practices.
  • Beginning with the basics, we worked on re-designing the complete network infrastructure architecture.
  • The new design provided high availability of network, performance as well as security. While it was highly visible, it was also designed for redundancy and had security bolted-in – right from the design phase.

ECS specialises in VAPT in Gujarat (Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing). Along with IT Infrastructure Management, we analysed and conducted a complete IT infrastructure Assessment and Audit. Although working with legacy systems required the know-how of working with them, we were able to identify the infrastructure and assess where the loopholes were. The result was, a complete at-a-glance view of what could go wrong in the near future. We designed the infrastructure and security-related SAPs and implemented solutions that could also take the security one notch up. Advanced cybersecurity tools were implemented and the entire network was overall more efficient and more secure.


Client has been running their applications on the new and improved systems successfully and has the best, enterprise-grade cybersecurity services implemented. Any loopholes causing security risks and exposing the network to unforeseen threats was minimized. While any network cannot be a 100% secure, it is essential to frequently run cyber security audits and reduce the attack surface. Well, one part of ensuring that your systems are best aligned to security requirements is to have the latest and more advanced infrastructure that is compliant and compatible with the latest cyber-protection tools. We are happy to have served client with the right Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Service and happy to have a long-term business relationship too.



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