This Bank has a spectacular growth in the nearly 40 years of time span having more than 20+ branches across the state. The bank is providing salient features that helped the bank in acquiring a unique position amongst the co-operative banks. It is the leading financial group in retail banking.

  • Support multi-OS endpoints
  • Improve efficiency across the workforce and eliminate paper
  • The customer required a secured app for bankers
  • There are approx. 65000 customers, due to the increasing cyber fraud, IP infringement and malware
  • It is prominent to consider Mobile Device Security Management for the financial group.
  • Our Experts advised having Secured third-party business apps
  • ECS Provided the support that strictly having security requirements with VPN, encryption, and device policy enforcement.
  • ECS Mobile device management also includes data loss prevention protocol.
    Products that we provided: ECS MDM, Android Enterprise, Tunnel, Email+
  • ECS offered user productivity, Android management, Windows Laptop management
  • Maintains centralized control for nearly 1000’s of Android and Windows devices
  • Optimize all business processes for mobile devices and laptops, eliminating paperwork
  • Enable seamless collaboration and improve customer service across a global infrastructure
  • Bank was able to more safely utilize its Core banking, including Net Banking, mobile banking as well as its internal transaction payment apps.
  • Helped the Bank to realize that safeguarding a particular Business-Critical zone without proper Network segmentation and the suitable integration won’t be able to guarantee overall Network Security & Integrity.
  • The leading group’s overall system was highly secured with ECS Mobile deceive Management.

ECS has offered Mobile device security to Android and Windows mobile devices. A comprehensive, robust, and secured management is set by ECS that helped bank secure their sensitive data. Our Network Security & Integrity helped the bank to match with banking standards of RBI Cybersecurity mandate as per the guidelines.



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