Today, cyber-attacks increased by 32% compared to last year. So, the worldwide reach peak of 1.2K attacks was done as per organization in the average week. The month of October is dedicated to Cybersecurity awareness month, which raises awareness about digital security between the government and private sector.

During this month, everyone empowers to protect their personal data and organizations from digital crime forms. In addition, create resources and communications for different organizations to about staying safe online.

With the ongoing digital era, most people build to do their businesses online, so there are high chances of cyber-attacks. As a leading cyber security consultant company in India, ECS encourage everyone to keep their business protected and this year’s theme is “See Yourself in Cyber.”

National Cyber Security Awareness Month:

With the intent to stay safe and secure online and to combat cyber threats as they continue to grow – the whole month of October is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of cyber security. The aim is for every person in the world to embrace cyber security because, in the end, it’s all about you and your business.

It is a collaborative effort between the government and the cyber security consultant companies in India to raise awareness in the country and internationally. National cyber security awareness month aims to “Cyber Security- EVERY DAY.” Cyber security consultant companies also aim to spread awareness for practicing the basics of cyber security because even that will make a huge difference.

Impacts of Cyber Attacks on different sectors:
Cyber attacks faced by different Industry

Cyber Attacks are not just confined to individuals but also to public and private organizations. The cyber-attacks in such places are more deadly, and they incur huge losses- for example, according to Hindustan times, over 670K cyber-attacks were reported in India till June this year.

The motives behind this could be many, from crucial data to huge monetary gains. Hackers can gain access to the network for a prolonged period and gain confidential information. Hackers can also manipulate the information and in turn, change the whole game. This is where India’s best cyber security solution providers come into the picture. If we see a highlight of the overall cyber-attacks, it goes like this:

  • one out of 40 organizations were impacted by Ransomware attacks, which means it increased 59% over the year.
  • Ransomware attacks on the educational and research sector increase 53% over the year
Because Prevention is better than cure:

Here are a few simple cyber safety measures to protect yourself from cyber threats:

1.Use strong passwords- Any password should be 16 characters long, consisting of upper case and lower case, numbers, and special characters.

2. Updating the operating system and the software devices- This will help you fight the latest cyber threats and cyber bugs.

3. Use anti-virus software- The best cyber security solution providers in India provide anti-virus software that will protect you from threats and detect and remove them.

4. Delete unnecessary emails from unknown- This will help you not be affected by malware

5. Follow all security procedures by your IT department- Using a secured connection and following the systematic procedure will help you from cyber threats.

6. Enable multi-factor authentication- This will help you with privacy and more layers of security. It also comes with easy implementation.

7. Be aware of phishing attacks – These attacks can be done via text messages, emails, social media, or phones. Once you click on the wrong link, that will download malware like ransomware.

How To Prevent from Cyber Breach?

If you apply proper technologies and correct measures, you could avoid the devasting effects of such attacks. To combat future threats, every organization must take a proactive approach by using the latest technologies which can prevent the most evasive cyber-attacks. Here are a few guidelines and principles that you should change your view on security:

You can choose prevention over detection. Invest in technologies that can detect cyber-attacks once it has already breached the network so that you can eliminate the damage as soon as possible.

You have to keep your threat intelligence up to date. Cybersecurity is the only way to protect against the malware threat. Every organization must find the most effective security solutions — threat intelligence, an essential tool to find malware constantly.

Implement the most advanced technologies in your organization. Impactful technologies like anomaly detection, sandboxing, machine learning, etc., can help to prevent the next cyber-attack. The other effective way to avoid cyber-attack is to maintain your organization’s security hygiene.


The best Cyber security solution providers in India help you leverage cyber security to be safe, comfortable, and cyber smart. This will also protect all categories of data from theft or damage. If everyone in real embraces cyber security and really understands it, it’s very easy to be safe in this world of digital data.

The cyber security consultant companies in India claim that cyber security increases productivity and allows you to strike a balance without fear. It will also protect you from internal or external threats. The cyber security consultant companies in India consider cyber security as a cost-effective and valuable asset that indirectly builds the trust and reputation of your business.



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