In Cybersecurity spectators, October is the most awaited month, Yes it is National CyberSecurity Month. This October 2020 has a specific theme “Do your part #BeCyberSmart”, tells us to beware of cyberattacks. The blurry line of us being online and offline has a great impact on communal safety, our day to day lives, commercial prosperity, online security, etc.

This malicious intent to expose abolishes, steal, spike, modify, or gain unauthorized access and use it as an asset is called a cyber-attack. This can be employed by any individual, group, ascendant states, organization or it can originate from an unidentified source. The accumulative need of modern civilization on Information Technology and computer networks has given birth to Cyber-attack. If you have unprotected data and cybersecurity is poor then you are more vulnerable to lose your data.

Under National Cybersecurity awareness month in October 2020 there is certain guideline to keep every individual safe and secure online.

The key message of #BeCyberSmart is “If you connect it, protect it” If every individual does their role by executing sturdier security practices, then eventually they are contributing to making our online security safe globally.

Fraudulent cases are becoming very common these days. The last couple of years are been rough for Information Technology.

Here are some recent cyber attack in real-life scenarios:
  • Marriott: Cyber breach was initiated from one of the franchise hotels under their brand.
  • Email spoofing: This is done by sending offensive emails from the owner’s email account. Gujarat Ambuja’s Executive case is the best example of Email snooping, where he imitated to be a girl and cheated an Abu Dhabi-based NRI.
  • Online Fraud: Most popular these days, approaching through an email or message for some lottery winning and collects banking credentials from the victim to accomplish the malicious act.

Cyber Fraud

8 Important Cybersecurity Tips to prevent from online fraud or cyber attack

When our one-click can become a progressive journey or a nightmare, we need to have a list that helps us to be safe when online. Cybersecurity Awareness Month October 2020 encourages users to play their role in protecting their allied devices.

Here are some tips and trick you can follow:

cybersecurity tips

1. Unique and strong Password

A password is the main basis of your private security process. In today’s digital world we handle many accounts on social media and also our professional websites. We use them to log in to our social media accounts, email id, bank accounts, and for everything we do online. To keep a unique password for each account is the best way to protect our password. You can also use a passphrase, hard to remember but even harder to hack.

2. Think Before You Click:

Before clicking any link you should make sure that they are from reliable sources because mostly they can be malicious links.

3. Beware of Phishing

Every day nearly 3 billion of fake emails are sent. Never respond to such initiatives until and unless you can recognize them as secured senders.

4. Keep a Track of your Electronic Shadow

Do regular monitoring of your accounts to define any doubtful activity. You should delete accounts you are not using anymore.

5. Keep your Software Updated

Sometimes the continuous notification for updating is annoying but it’s important. As it helps in protecting your device or accounts from malware and viruses or any type of computer adulteration.

6. Be Careful and Connect

The most important advice given by Technology Expert is to be aware before connecting to any unsecured networks. Always connect to a private network to safeguard your sensitive information.

7. Safety measure for Mobiles

Turn off Bluetooth when not used. Don’t connect to public Wi-Fi.

8. Back up your data

Continuously tailback your data to have an unrestricted regaining tool. You can opt for a physical location or cloud.

What next after a Cyber Attack?

The security team has to take a certain step to respond the cyber online fraud. It should be a well-organized methodology.

  1. Quarantine the Infection: The very first thing to do is to isolate the exaggerated servers and endpoints. Disable remote access and maintain your firewall settings.
  2. Report about the Breach to the nearest Police station or Internet Crime Complaint Centre and nearest FBI field office.
  3. Secure all your accounts, documents, emails, card details etc.
  4. Manage the Fallout: Notify your employees and customers.
  5. IT Security Experts: Company should call IT security professional experts so that they will examine the breach and do further process.
  6. Employee training: Refresh your Cyber Security Awareness.
  7. Share with people: So they can protect themselves from such fraud.
  8. Cyber Incident Response: Team of cyber experts should be called so that they can resolve and respond to the breach. You can consult one of the best Cyber Security service providers in Ahmedabad that is ECS Biztech Ltd.
Last but not the least Cyber Security awareness is to protect and benefit one self. 
If you have already done your part, still missing somewhere? Consult the pioneer and expert EDR service provider in Gujarat, ECS.



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