Client: Gulbrandsen Chemicals Pvt Ltd


SAP hosting services from ECS Biztech enable Gulbrandsen Chemicals and Technologies -The Chemical Manufacturing to save 40% on CapEx.

Gulbrandsen Technologies wanted to focus their internal resources on expanding and Growing their core business rather than setting and managing a datacenter to host their SAP ERP application.

How did ECS help them achieve their objective?

Gulbrandsen Technologies Profile:

Gulbrandsen Technologies Division manufactures and supplies chemical solutions for multiple industries including water treatment, personal care, intermediates, pigments and electronic etchants.

Gulbrandsen (Chemicals and Technology) is focused on speed, quality and safety. They establish flexible systems that allow employees to respond quickly to needs and provide training to ensure products meet quality expectations in a safe manner using SAP Implemented.

Business Case:

Gulbrandsen’s SAP application was running on Windows platform and DB2 database. Hosting and managing the application, Operating System (OS) and database internally became a challenge for Gulbrandsen and the company did not want to invest in setting up an infrastructure or the resources to manage it. This led to their decision to look for a managed IT hosting service provider.

Says, Gulbrandsen Chemicals & Technologies, “We wanted to outsource the hosting and management of our SAP ERP application from the very beginning. We are in the Chemicals business so setting up and managing a datacenter internally to host this application is not our core competency.

Besides, we would have had to make huge investments for setting up a datacenter, right from space, procuring hardware, maintenance, cooling, power and skilled resources to manage it 24×7.

Then, we decided to look for a hosting service provider who could host and manage our SAP ERP application, provide us with the scalability to increase or decrease the number of users’ on-demand and help us move from a CapEx to an OpEx model.”


Gulbrandsen has availed of complete datacenter hosting services for SAP ERP, co-location with Operating System (OS) and database support.

Solution Snapshot

  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Dedicated Firewall Services
  • Bandwidth & Connectivity
  • Shared SAN Storage
  • 24×7 Operating System (OS)

Key Benefits:

  • Complete technology refresh led to improved application (SAP) performance levels
  • Hosting SAP application led to increased manageability of internal operations at Gulbrandsen as the company could now focus on more strategic business issues
  • Savings of 40% in overall cost as compared to setting up a captive datacenter to host their SAP application
    High availability of the SAP application ensured smooth functioning of business operations
  • 24×7 monitoring and management of SAP application and faster turnaround time for issue resolution lead to enhanced performance levels
    A dedicated team to resolve issues lead to improved service levels and predictability
  • Flexible utility model for SAP support and operations – the ability to increase or reduce the storage space on-demand, add or reduce users on demand has brought significant cost efficiencies for Gulbrandsen group of companies.

Key Takeaways

  • Gulbrandsen Chemicals & Technologies is very satisfied with the highly available and scalable IT environment. ECS Biztech Pvt Ltd has provided for hosting its SAP application.
  • The company has been able to save 40% of the costs that it would have had to incur if it invested in setting up its own datacenter and hiring skilled resources to manage it.
  • Says, Gulbrandsen Chemicals & Technologies, “We have not faced any downtime for our SAP application till now. 24×7 monitoring and management support at the OS level, as well as, for SAP application ensures that bottlenecks are detected and taken care of before anything happens.
  • Turnaround times (TAT) have improved significantly and a dedicated team ensures that issues (if any) are resolved faster and in real time.”
  • Flexibility to scale up resources on-demand is another benefit that Gulbrandsen has derived out of its association with ECS Biztech Pvt Ltd.
  • Scalability to provision resources on demand and the speed with which this scalability is being offered to us is impressive.”


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