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Iaas Based Public Cloud Solutions

Public Cloud Solutions

Based on the standard cloud computing model – IaaS, it is the best cloud storage service. In this, a public cloud hosting provider creates resources based on the client’s requirement as a Virtual Machine (VM). On these virtual machines, a client can host applications or storage space and make it available to the general public over the internet. Personal cloud storage may have some restrictions on usage or rights, but public cloud service is accessible to authorized users. ECS Biztech offers mainly two types of public cloud solutions – Alibaba cloud computing service and Azure cloud service.

Built on the latest virtualization technology, ECS Biztech offers a comprehensive and self-service portal with an extensive range and unlimited cloud storage. In an easy way, we simplify your every transition to the cloud and you can manage your dynamic needs and quickly adopt new changes as per your business requirements.

Mainly, for faster deployment than on-premises infrastructures public cloud storage is user. Cloud solution is infinite and scalable platform.

Alibaba Public Cloud

Alibaba Cloud is China’s largest and world’s most advanced and active cloud services provider that offers end-to-end cloud solutions.

Azure Public Cloud

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud server and example of Platform as a Service (PaaS). This cloud VPN service is hosted on the virtual private network.

ECS Strengths

Reduce your investment cost

Maintain IT resources

High-bandwidth network connectivity

Scalable to meet workload & user demands

Only pay for used resource

24×7×365 help desk

A transparent and user-friendly billing system

Flexible Commercial Models

Presence across the Globe

World class cloud hosting services for growing businesses.