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Managed Public Cloud Solutions

Critical business processes and applications can rely on robust public cloud solutions based on each business needs.- IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) It provides multiple Virtual Machines (VMs) for multiple functionalities like hosting applications, different database, etc.


When it comes to enhancing scalability for diverse computing and business needs while hosting the business-oriented applications, you can bank on a reliable public cloud hosting provider, ECS Biztech.


ECS Biztech offers comprehensive public cloud solutions to meet the complexities of IT operations and enterprise applications. We are among the few providers of Alibaba Cloud Computing services, Azure cloud services, and AWS cloud services in India.

Industry-grade security, compliance, continuous monitoring, and excellent management of the client’s software or data on the cloud servers are some key features of our customized public cloud solution.


Our technical and presales team can understand the need of customer and can design the architect of client’s infrastructure for maximum and effiecient use of resource.
We offer transparent billing and application lifecycle management while meeting the dynamic business requirements. We have a proven track record of demonstrated technical prowess that makes us a preferred cloud solution provider in government and private sector enterprises.

Alibaba Public Cloud

Alibaba Cloud is China’s largest and world’s most advanced and active cloud services provider that offers end-to-end cloud solutions.

Azure Public Cloud

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud server and example of Platform as a Service (PaaS). This cloud VPN service is hosted on the virtual private network.

Amazon Public Cloud

As a trusted AWS web services partner, we also offer AWS managed services with robust and reliable support.


ECS Strengths

Optimum use of resources

Strong and certified technical team

High-bandwidth network connectivity

Scalability to meet workload & user demands

Only pay for used resource

24×7×365 support desk

Transparent and user-friendly billing system

Flexible Commercial Models

Presence across the Globe

Want to Give Your Business Advantage of World-class Public Cloud?