With the existent & continuation of digitization in today’s era. The healthcare industry has collected a lot of personal data for their ever-expanding patients like their, personal identity, phone numbers, emails, health records, prescriptions. Pharmaceutical Industries faced a cost of a data breach is $5.1 million according to IBM Cost of Data Breach Report 2020.  The threat of cyberattacks on hospitals and the healthcare industry is at an all-time high. The pharmaceutical industry is the target of cyberattacks. There are several cases of cyberattacks- malware, bots, and other attacks targeted at big hospital chains and insurance providers alike involving theft of medical records, ransomware deployment in healthcare equipment like CT scanners. False tumor detection resulting in misdiagnosis of a patient’s diagnosis, just to name a few.

We will share one such case study of the Ransomeware attack and how ECS provides them Cybersecurity Audit service.


This leading pharmaceutical company based in Ahmedabad. The company has renowned enterprise-level work and has the largest pharmaceutical market. This company has high-value, high-quality products, and services. It is a product, development, and manufacturing service company. The Company invested in the pharmaceutical industry as well as adds value to the global pharmaceutical industry.

Clients Requirement
  • Attack faced with malicious software.
  • It was a Ransomed attack.
  • They Consulted ECS when they found their unidentified system vulnerability. Their data accessing point was blocked.
  • This can appear on the screen as antivirus software and charge a fee to fix it.
  • During this critical cybersecurity breach, the company is willing to take Cyber Audit Service from ECS.
Solution Ecs Provided
  • When cyber-attack for ransom were happening in pharmaceutical companies, it is very obvious that their product is going to be hampered and ultimately affecting the yearly business targets. So they seek help from VAPT and SOCAudit service providers in Gujarat that is ECS.
  • The time they approached us, we promise them to give our best service.
  • ECS provides the security solution as per the organization’s need.
  • ECS explained the process of detecting and bringing the solution to their problem.
  • Our team explained the importance of Cybersecurity and internal Cyber Audit service for their business suggested for implementation.
  • A real-time threat protection solution was provided to them.
  • The procedure was done for data security.
  • We configured the firewall setup which will increase their system security.
  • Solved their data breach concern.
Our 5 step Resolution

ECS gave them a five-step solution for their Cyber Security Audit Service.

  1. Explained and suggested to implement our Security Perimeter.
  2. Recognizing Cybersecurity threats and protecting them from such breaches.
  3. To form a basis for assigning resources prioritizing and risk scoring is done.
  4. Proper assessment of their current security situation and suggesting further solutions accordingly.
  5. Then Formulating Automated Responses and Remediation Action are taken.
  • After all these dedicated solutions and new arrangements were done, it brings a spark of motivation in us by getting positive feedback from the client.
  • Now the IT Head of the firm as well as management is satisfied and happy with our Cybersecurity internal audit service.
  • The newly suggested Network Diagram is properly designed and a Proper assessment of their current security system is suggested.
  • Policy set’s rules were advised to manage properly with our expert’s guidelines which turned out as the easy, clear, simple yet stronger firewall rules now managed by only the proper authorities of the firm.

ECS has performed Internal Audit so that Cybercriminals can harvest their data to sell it on the dark web or to rival companies. A comprehensive, robust, and flexible cybersecurity approach is also set by ECS apart from updating anti-virus software and making sure all updated security patches are downloaded.



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