VPS (Virtual Private Server) enables small and medium enterprises to utilize and control a partition of servers. The good part is that it also comes at a fraction of the cost than they otherwise would – if they had a dedicated server for the same purpose. Its functions equivalently to a separate server. The virtual server is dedicated to the individual customer’s needs and has the privacy of a separate physical server and you get the control and flexibility of a server but at a very reasonable price.

What is VPS?

Having servers in-house, meant that small businesses had to invest a lot to buy their own hardware. Added to this, was the cost of IT – expertise that needed to be hired. Many times, separate servers were purchased for different applications that performed specific tasks. This inadvertently resulted in under-utilization of servers. On an average, server utilisation is between 7 – 15 % and this means that each server has a potential to be completely utilized, but currently isn’t. Further, small businesses usually had limited investments in technology and couldn’t keep up with the everchanging competitive markets. Well, until VPS came along. Cloud VPS Hosting offers a number of benefits – especially for small businesses.

1. Costs – pay as you go and as you scale

With the advent of VPS, small businesses are saved from the burden of owning and managing their own servers. They no longer need to spend on technology as heavily as they otherwise would. Renting a server from a VPS service provider enables businesses to select just the right amount of server space and capacity they require. This means that instead of paying for the entire infrastructure, you can choose to pay as you go and as you scale. With VPS you can rent only what your business needs – nothing more – and pay for only what you rent. This server is dedicated to your business and is equivalent to owning a physical dedicated server. Further, there is no need to worry about maintenance.

2. Control – complete control over your resources

Even though VPS is hosted on a shared space, the control of the server you rent, remains with you – entirely. It’s your business’ private server, and you can control what application you wish to run and how you wish to utilize the server you rented – you are in complete control.

3. Portability – go anywhere

A common problem of physical servers is that of portability of the application – meaning if need be, you should be able to move the application over to another server without too much of effort and reconfigurations. Portability is one of the proven benefits of VPS. VPS accounts are usually managed as server images and should you decide to upgrade or downgrade the server, the image can be moved to a new server with zero downtime.

4. Performance – better than you think

Whether it is memory, bandwidth or CPU usage, VPS is not affected by other VPS clients. Certain resources are assigned solely to be used for your server. This enhances performance.

5. Security – top notch

Security is one of the most common concerns while using resources in a shared environment. The good news is that the security in a VPS environment is comparable to owning your own physical server. The files and data remain secure behind a secure partition which is unavailable to other clients.

6. Scalability – add resources anytime

Owning a physical server would create a necessity to plan for more infrastructure when the business scales. Provisioning for the future is a big part of planning IT needs. Well, with VPS you can start as small as you can afford and increase your resources in a VPS environment. You can also scale down resources if need be.

7. Add new servers on demand

Growth spurts are common – and with Cloud VPS Hosting you can add new servers on demand and remove servers when they are no longer needed.

8. High availability

At some time or the other hardware will fail. But availability is of prime importance. Especially small businesses cannot afford the luxury of dedicated servers failing. With VPS, you get high availability and higher performance.


Virtual Private Server (VPS) cloud hosting offers businesses with better options for running your applications in a highly available, secure and high-performance environment.

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