User Behaviour Analytics
ECS has empowered the best machine learning tools for understanding the UBA of your organization.

User Behaviour Analytics (UBA) is about securing your data and organization’s precious technology assets through the use of entry behaviour analytics. It is more like machine learning and a perfect example of how AI can help in detecting unknown threats or the pattern of abnormal behaviour.

How ECS helps to detect cybercriminal activity?
  • Advanced threat detection techniques
  • Automating the process for higher productivity
  • Deep investigation capabilities for threat hunting
Why User Behavioural Analytics (UBA)?
  • Determining human and machine behaviour
  • Tracking mobile device location data
  • Keeping tabs on machine admin accounts
  • Detection and analysis of abnormal behaviour
How ECS takeovers new generation of hackers with UBA?
  • Searching and analysing key metadata and activities (email activities and user files)
  • Producing accurate pattern of data user behaviour
  • Delivering real-time alerts for spontaneous reaction
ECS Strengths
  • 24×7×365 Help Desk / Security Operations Center
  • Customer need-centric solutions
  • Expertise on network, server, storage, virtualization, application and database
  • Strong OEM Partnership
  • Dedicated Partner Account Manager
  • Experienced technical team for support
  • Proactive monitoring and alerts
  • The most competitive pricing

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