Our client offers third-party health administration services to various top-notch businesses. Our client provides services such as modeling health care programs, prescribing health insurance claims, and supplying organized medical services. They make exclusive packages for insurance businesses and enterprises. Until now our client has worked with many renowned names across the globe and has uplifted their insurance packages to the next level.

Client Requirement & Case Challenges:
  • The client desired to conduct an audit operating from a remote place.
  • The client wanted a team to help them through “Web VAPT” Audit and Network VAPT audit.
  • Some serious network threats were found in the system.
  • Besides this, the client developed VAPT requirements because it is now necessary to conduct audits daily in order to comply with the law.
  • Additionally, some critical vulnerability findings like SQL Injection, voiced the requirement of a Network and Website VAPT.
  • Thus, the client was hunting for a VAPT audit service in India and reached our team of experts to find a solution.
Risk and Vulnerabilities Found:
  • SQL Injection.
  • Privilege Escalation.
  • The firewall wasn’t updated.
  • Server Misconfiguration Found.
  • Vulnerable and Outdated components.
How ECS Provided Solution?
  • We provided a complete high-end solution to our client. We were analyzing and gathering all the vulnerabilities or crucial research results as their process began.
  • Meanwhile, we were also directing them based on the results that were assessed.
  • ECS performed a VAPT audit of the web app and network audit in conformance with the latest industry security standards.
  • To provide a persuasive and prompt solution we adhered to all the OWASP Standards.
  • Our team straight away dived into the depth to understand and tackle the crucial server misconfiguration.
  • We likewise delivered a highly secure VPN service along with a Mitigation report (How to mitigate all vulnerabilities) to help our clients adopt the best mitigation practices.
  • ECS offered the client all reference links for each of their security breaches.
  • Our team profoundly checked all the network components of the client to trap the loopholes in the system.
  • Adhering to the susceptibility of the case we deployed sophisticated tools like Nessus, NMAP and an advanced IP scanner.
  • We confirmed that no data was leaked during the process to maintain the integrity of our client.
  • Furthermore, owing to the extensive IT and network infrastructure of our client, we carried out the task on time.
  • We equipped our client with daily reports on the tasks that followed.
  • After the project was finished we recommended what needed to be completed and what could be put in place to eliminate vulnerabilities.
  • The client was always in contact with our Technical Professional to learn about the status of their audit.
  • ECS team helped to upgrade their network and website with the finest practices and mitigation techniques.
  • All the vulnerabilities were tackled after the audit.
  • The client was elated by the ECS Team’s 24-hour customer support.

With the number of data breaches on the rise, companies look for new ways to protect their data. The truth is that businesses of all sizes need to utilize an excellent VAPT solution to safeguard the data and audit of network improve your network infrastructure and protect your business from attacks. Hence, it’s good to consult with Network security VAPT experts in India to adhere to the latest compliances.



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