The client offers a one-stop solution for each of the facilities necessary for startup companies and small and medium-sized corporations. While guaranteeing higher capability than the real designers to protect user information and restore faith in online companies. Their goal is to give tech corporations quick access to worldwide data compliance requirements with zero fuss as well as zero postponing.

With their 80% faster, budget-friendly, and more productive solution, they have assisted thousands of small-stage companies and massive start-ups in achieving tremendous growth. Apart from this, they offer more than 50 integrations and pre-built formats for a wide range of assignments, their platform gathers, analyzes, and provides proof for sample points, acting as a one-stop booth for both the audited and also the Auditors.

Client Requirement & Case Challenges:
  • The client needed the web-app VAPT for their onboard end-customers. Hence, they were actively looking for some of the best web VAPT services in India.
  • They required the web app VAPT for their platform that hosted multiple customers.
  • There were critical vulnerabilities present in the system that needed to be dealt with immediately.
  • Some of the major vulnerabilities that were detected includes:
  1. Broken authentication and session management
  2. Cross-site scripting (XSS)
  3. Insecure direct object references
  4. Missing function level access control
  5. Cross-site request forgery (CSRF)
  • The client wanted them to be eradicated by deploying the web VAPT technology.
  • Besides this, there was multiple outdated software that needed to be updated.
Our Solution:
  • ECS team made sure to make all the audits and delivered all the reports at regular intervals.
  • With the help of our VAPT professionals, we completed the task even before the deadline
  • For the audit, we employed cutting-edge software, original scripts, and open-source tools.
  • ECS perform web VAPT audit for their web platform abiding by the latest industry standards
  • Also, our team took care of all the OWASP Standards.
  • We helped the client in integrating correct practices to safeguard the platform from surplus critical vulnerabilities like insufficient transport layer protection and authentication.
  • Apart from all this, ECS delivered a mitigation report on how to manage and prevent such vulnerabilities in the future. To make sure that the platform does not fall for the same vulnerabilities again.
  • The client was super pleased with the 24*7 customer support offered by our proactive Team.
  • Hence, we managed to get multiple orders from our clients by walking up to their anticipations.

Organizations can evaluate and enhance their cyber resilience with the help of web VAPT. To make sure that additional vulnerabilities are found and patched as soon as possible, it is crucial to remember that VAPT should indeed be performed on a regular schedule.

ECS has built up a track record as one of the best web vapt testing services in India. Website security is a matter that we take very seriously, therefore if it’s valuable to you, we’ll make absolutely sure it’s handled with the utmost caution and the best resources and tools available in the industry. Consequently, are you also concerned about sensitive information and vulnerabilities? Worry no more as we have got you. Contact our highly skilled team of experts right away to discuss your data security concern now.



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