Web – Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Web Application VAPT

Undiscovered vulnerabilities often expose websites to exploitation. As many businesses are moving their most critical applications on the web, security becomes the topmost priority. Web Application VAPT is essentially security testing methods that address the flaws that may have been overseen during the development of the web application. Web Application Security Testing helps assess, identify and address the security flaws in web applications and APIs.

Why is the web application VAPT required?

As cyber-crimes keep evolving, the tools and tactics used to outsmart these threats also need to improve. It’s important to regularly test and tighten the bolts of all the possible loose ends in the web application. It’s hence important to regularly test your organization’s overall security. Web Application Security Testing is also important for organizations to achieve compliance standards such as GDPR, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS.

There are two components of VAPT services: 

Vulnerability Assessment

It refer to the process of identifying, classifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities that are specific to computer systems, web applications digital assets and network infrastructure. It includes a comprehensive scanning through various security validations to locate the flaws in the pre-existing code.

Penetration Testing

It is a ethical way of penetrate or exploit and existing vulnerabilities of the Web Applications, Websites and Networks. The primary goal is to identify weak spots in the security posture and measure the compliance of its security policy. The Penetration Testing process is more complex and goes one step beyond assessment.

Process/Methodology of Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Step1: gather information to fund out where the potential threats could come from.
  • Step2: After the information is gathered, planning includes identifying several information tools and or manual tools to identify the end objective of the test.
  • Step3: The information that is gathered by the tools is used and deep analysis is carried out.
  • Step4: Several intrusion attacks are targeted to check the response of the app. It checks the application code to understand whether it is behaving in the exact way it should. The code is inspected.
  • Step5: Web attacks such as cross-site scripting, backdoors, and SQL injection for uncovering a target’s vulnerabilities.
  • Step6: Tests are consolidated and compiled into a detailed report that can be analyzed by security personnel to create appropriate safety solutions.
Why is web Application VAPT required?
  • Loopholes in security features of any web application can expose a lot of critical information. Data safety and security of critical and sensitive business data is hence essential. The VAPT test helps analyse the risks and evaluate the potential harm that it will cause. VAPT helps in evaluating the existing security of the web application by rigorously pushing the defences of the application and checking at which point it will potentially break. It’s a continuous improvement process where organisations can understand and tighten the security to reduce the potential risks.One of the essential tools for recognizing cyber threats is Code Vulnerability and it is essential to made sure that the code is threat-free. Three main activities conducted are:
    • Code Vulnerability Assessment
    • VAPT & Audit
    • Vulnerability Compliance
What Kind of Security Is Needed for Web Services?
  • Confidentiality
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Network Security
  • Non-Repudiation
  • Data protection
Website Penetration Testing (VAPT) Benefits:
  • Secure website from hackers
  • Prevent information stealing
  • Prevent monetary loss
  • Prevent reputational loss
  • Induce confidence in customer
  • Higher long-term profits
  • Increased ROI
  • Identifies vulnerabilities and risks in your web/mobile applications and networking infrastructure.
  • Helps to understand loopholes or errors that can lead to major cyber-attacks.
  • Helps to achieve compliance certifications
  • Validates the effectiveness of current security safeguards.
  • Quantifies the risk to the internal systems and confidential information.
  • Provides detailed remediation steps to detect existing flaws and prevent future attacks.
  • Protects the integrity of assets in case of existing malicious code hidden in any of them.
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  • 24×7×365 Help Desk – Network / Security Operations Center
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  • Expertise on network, server, storage, virtualization, application, and database
  • Strong OEM Partnership
  • Experienced technical team for support
  • Proactive monitoring and alerts
  • The most competitive pricing
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