Overall pen tests are useful to identify organization’s weak spots of security posture and also measure the compliance of its security policies. In this guide, you will learn different types of penetration testing service in India that most of the company offers.

The Best VAPT service provider in India offers below different types of pen tests that can either perform internally or externally and stimulate different attack vectors.
  • Web – Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Web application VAPT is helpful to identify the security flaws in web applications, web servers and databases. Web VAPT is essential security method to address the flaws during web application development. It’s important to perform regular vulnerability assessments and penetration testing during the development process to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities before the application is deployed.

Web penetration testing provides long-term profits and also increase organization’s ROI. In addition, it keeps your organization’s secure website from hackers and also prevent monetary loss and information from stealing.

  • Network – Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Network VAPT is helpful to identify the risk of exploitation of network protocols in overall network and system including servers, firewalls, routers and other network devices. It can reveal unauthorized access to all sensitive or precious data. This penetration test makes you to aware of vulnerabilities so that organization can take quick action to reduce the risk of network attacks.

  • Mobile – Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Mobile VAPT is helpful to find out the vulnerabilities via reverse engineering, binary analysis, static analysis and exploitation of platform specific vulnerabilities. This penetration testing can prevent your sensitive and precious information or data from hackers and other cybercriminals. Even if you lost your device, you can safely recover your data.

Not only the above three, there are more other penetration testing such as:

  • Wireless penetration testing,
  • Internal/external penetration testing,
  • Physical penetration testing,
  • Client-side penetration testing,
  • IoT penetration testing,

Organization needs to find the best penetration testing service as per their needs. If you are searching for the best VAPT service provider in India, choose ECSbiztech. They are the top most leading penetration testing service provider in India. They offer different VAPT service with OWASP 2021 Standards.

Why ECS For Different Types of Penetration testing service?
  • We have highly experienced and certified expert teams.
  • We offer VAPT certificates.
  • We also ensure security of organization data network or IT infrastructure.
  • We follow Penetration testing execution standard (PTES), OWASP 2021 standards, and ISO/IEC 27001.

All of the above penetration testing service are beneficial to find vulnerabilities and all the risks in your organization’s system, mobile and IT network. They also help you understand the errors which can leads to major cyber-attacks. So, it is advisable to use VAPT service for your organization and protects valuable data from malicious attacks.

VAPT service provide details steps and identify existing security flaws and also prevent your organization from future attacks.

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