Every small and big enterprise needs VAPT solutions because they have a higher risk of cyber-attacks. With on growing digitizing era, cyber-attacks are the most serious concern for businesses. So, every organization needs a security system in its place to protect its business from these malicious activities.

There are several examples of well-reputed enterprises or organizations from all over the world given by Touro University who have already faced different types of ransomware attacks such as Ryuk, SamSam, WannaCry, Petya, TeslaCrypt, etc.

In this guide, we will discuss the primary term of VAPT and its importance. For the following reasons, you should realize the importance of VAPT. Firstly, let’s get aquick overview of it.

What Is VAPT?

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) is a testing method to find bugs or errors within an organization’s IT network or software program. It is specially designed to test the overall security of your system and perform audits in-depth through various elements. It involves two types of vulnerability testing and often combines to yield better results.

The primary purpose of a VAPT audit is to search for the overall vulnerabilities present in-network or software. VAPT audit is a systematic process to examine online applications and network infrastructure manually or automatically.

It is necessary to understand the basic reasons for causing vulnerability in organizations. Let’s look into it.

Causes For Vulnerability

The following several reasons are there which cause vulnerability:

  • Misconfiguration
  • Incorrect programming practice
  • Poor hardware and software design
  • Low configure system
  • Software or hardware complexion
  • Low password combination
  • Unsecured Network & Infrastructure

Many organizations don’t apply VAPT solutions yet; let’s take a brief overview of VAPT importance. You should understand why we are dragging you to use the VAPT service.

Also check out the types of vulnerability from here.

Why Would Organizations Need VAPT?

Vulnerabilities exist everywhere, whether in physical or electronic. However, not all vulnerability is harmful. Through VAPT audit, you can easily find vulnerable attacks if they could occur. It is the best solution that helps organizations to stay secure all the time.

Here are the most important reasons that show every organization should need VAPT:

  • It helps to identify cyber-attacks, or it helps to understand errors that can lead to cyber-attack.
  • It helps to identify security weaknesses or vulnerabilities and risks in web or mobile applications and network infrastructure.
  • It helps to keep any cyber-crime away and avoid the fear of data hacking.
  • It identifies higher risk vulnerability.
  • It helps organizations to determine the effectiveness of their existing security control.
  • It prevents an organization from similar attacks happening in the future.
  • It aids organizations in maintaining regulatory compliance.
  • It automated and manual testing techniques involving a comprehensive security system approach.
  • It safeguards your business from financial loss and also saves your business from losing its reputation.
  • It can protect your organization from several malicious attacks.
  • VAPT helps to achieve compliance certifications.

If your organizations haven’t used the VAPT solution yet, then find the best VAPT companies in India. You are not running out of time yet to save your organizations today from different cyber or malicious attacks.


VAPT is an essential process for every organization for security purposes. Above, we have mentioned the importance of VAPT so that you can apply it today and save your organization from different cyber-attacks.

In order to conduct VAPT in India, you must have to find or hire the best service provider. Several service providers are available on the internet, but ECS VAPT service provides proactive monitoring at a competitive price.

If you have ever faced a cyber-attack or want to secure your organization’s network system from malicious attack, then kindly approach the best VAPT service provider in India. 



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