According to a report by SonicWall, 304.7 million ransomware attacks, 51.1 million crypto-jacking attacks, and 32.2 million IoT malware attacks took place in 2021 (mid-year update).

In addition, the report stated that attackers targeted web applications to leverage the benefit of financial and personal information from victims’ devices.

Not only this, ransomware is going to be the number one threat. Ransomware is malware that doesn’t allow users and system administrators to access files or the entire network system. This becomes a severe issue for digital companies.

Therefore, companies are constantly looking for new ways to protect their web application from cyber-attacks. Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration testing is one of the most powerful and well-known techniques to overcome this issue.

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) is the security process that evaluates web applications for vulnerabilities (which include software bugs, design flaws, and configuration errors) to threats like cyberattacks and hackers. Let’s find out the importance of Vulnerability Assessment & penetration testing.

Why Is Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing Important?

In this digital era, almost everything is easy to do with the help of the internet—for example, online shopping to payments transactions, banking services, and many more. The internet makes it easier to use and do valuable things without any extra effort. So, nowadays, most businesses are turning to new digital trends and use different mobile apps or web applications.

It is easy to perform different operations through web applications such as storing, processing, and transmitting data. However, there are vulnerabilities to hackers who find a flaw to attack the web application. So, it is essential to keep all the web apps secure without any fail because it stores sensitive data.

To overcome this issue, Web VAPT is the best method that helps you to measure or analyse the overall security layer of web apps. You can find several Web VAPT in India that make it possible. Here are the common goals that you can achieve by Vulnerability Assessment & Pen testing for your web apps:

  • It helps to determine unknown vulnerabilities.
  • It helps to check whether existing security policies are working properly.
  • Allows to identify publicly exposed components such as firewalls, routers, and DNS
  • Allows determining the most vulnerable route of the attack.
  • It helps to know the loopholes that could lead to data heist.

For securing a web application, security testers use vulnerability assessment or scanning to identify the security flaws and create methods to fix errors and improve the performance of a web application.

VAPT simulates the real-time systems and helps the user to find out if the system is accessed by an unauthorized user or not.

This VAPT method helps security testers and ethical hackers to check if the web application is working perfectly without any loss of data or any major security flaws.

Using Web VAPT allows you to test your web application’s internal and external network security. It has various methods, first is internal VAPT that includes,

  • Social Engineering Attacks
  • Simulation of Phishing Attacks
  • Attacks using User Privileges

The second method is external VAPT concerned with attacks from outside of the organization. The external testing method also includes testing firewalls, IDS, and servers. Therefore, VAPT of web applications becomes essential as it helps to reduce the chances of attacks.

Wrap Up

With the growing usage of technologies, web applications are prone to vulnerabilities in both design and configuration that hackers may find and exploit. Therefore, Vulnerability Assessment & Pen testing is the most preferable technique that helps to protect or handle all sensitive information.

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