Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Services

Cyber security management is a highly complex and complicated task especially when the incidences of cyber attack and data breaches are an all-time high. Your organization remains vulnerable for potential cyber threats and as the technology advances, the risk of data breaches increases significantly. Your business system needs cybersecurity services to address any sort of online vulnerability in your company and mitigate the risks associated with it.

ECS, a globally-acclaimed provider of enterprise-grade cyber security solutions, offers the best-in-class services in the domains of endpoint protection, data security management, network monitoring, vulnerability assessment, and Security Operations

Center (SOC). Our in-house team of cybersecurity experts can identify the system’s vulnerability and protect the system on a 24/7 basis by using cutting-edge tools and advancements of cyber security technology.

Many renowned names have made ECS a partner for cybersecurity and IT management across the world. With a full range of cyber security solutions and services at a single place, ECS also spreads cybersecurity awareness in the corporate world and society. Our holistic approach, state-of-the-art research lab, and operational readiness to identify and neutralize threats have made ECS one of the top cyber security companies.

Since inception, ECS provides comprehensive cybersecurity services to help SMEs, governments, and educational institutes stay protected from any cyber threats and potential breaches of their valuable data. We can plan, build, and execute security programs for various industry sectors worldwide. We have partnerships with other top cybersecurity companies based in Korea and Israel for serving our corporate clientele with the most sophisticated and advanced security solutions.

ECS Strengths

  • 24×7×365 Help Desk / Security Operations Center
  • Customer need-centric solutions
  • Expertise on network, server, storage, virtualization, application and database
  • Strong OEM Partnership
  • Dedicated Partner Account Manager
  • Experienced technical team for support
  • Proactive monitoring and alerts
  • The most competitive pricings
Cyber Security

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